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Sunday, September 16, 2012


IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "The valley would give you the best view of the mountain!"
IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd see grace from the receivers point of view!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "My mistake would be A reason to pray, not AMMUNITION to ADD to your ARSENAL!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Your situation would only know you by your smile!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "God's timing would be the reason you don't wear a watch!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Lack would be one of those bad 4 letter words you didn't use!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Your faith would be noticeable even in trouble!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Your way would be crossed off the map!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd see the wind as the fastest way to be pushed into God's will!

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd know triumph was on the other side of trouble!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "What the world is doing would have no bearing on what God has already done!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "There would be a consistent cadence in your Christian walk!" IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Your alleged "haters" would know you love them!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "The least of these would be foremost in your thoughts!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd know joy and happiness are two entirely different things!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Waiting on God would be a pleasure!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd be less inclined to tear the other person down!"'

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You couldn't in good conscience, share your bed with anyone you weren't married to!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd have no time to try and uncover what I was before I knew Him!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "Your Bible would be raggedy!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "What the Pastor drove would hardly concern you!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "You'd trust God with your tithe!"

IfUKnewWhoUWereInChrist "There's no way you'd be shacking up!"