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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You're looking at the person you're with right now and you're still trying to convince yourself that this is the very best that you can do!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Common sense told you monogamy is is the least of your worries!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You believe the more toxic it is, the better it will smell!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You now know how He or She feels about you only because of an argument!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You think Hate is a synonym for Love!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You have to fight so He or she won't or can't leave!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You believe what's between your legs will lengthen His or Her stay!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You packed your bags and left but moved right into another relationship where you don't belong!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf The rope you're using to save this relationship has already been cut, but you hang on anyway!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You actually know He or She is with someone else, but as long as the bills get paid!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Getting beat up is nothing because He or She possesses Beauty and Brawn!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You are the weed in someone else's marriage and don't think you can be killed!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Your self- esteem is leaking due to all the holes in your self -confidence!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Knowing He or She already had a Spouse didn't sway you one bit!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Settling for LESS means no MORE nights alone!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Every special moment takes place in a hotel under assumed names!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Delusions of grandeur has goaded you into thinking this will be an Affair To Remember!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You'd rather follow LUST than let LOVE lead!

 #YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You don't see that YOU are the Common Denominator in all the other bad ones too!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Physical, Mental or Verbal abuse is the only affection you can expect to receive!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You can't SUBTRACT this person not ADDING to your life!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You haven't grasped that MARRIAGE before SEX was God's plan before it was ever put in a dictionary!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You look in the mirror and only see their reflection!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You don't see that YOU are the Common Denominator in all the other bad ones too!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You don't see the difference between "I love you, but" and "But I love you!"

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Playing house is easier than purchasing one after you've gotten married!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You already know what to expect because you've been here before!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You can't SUBTRACT this person not ADDING to your life!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Compromising God's standards is the standard you now live by!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You only answer when called derogatory names!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Staying causes more harm than good!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You look in the mirror and only see their reflection!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf His or Her strengths make you feel insecure!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf His or Her insecurities make you feel strong!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Valentine's Day truly is the only day you're celebrated!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Compromising God's standards is the standard you now live by!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You'd rather look through their stuff than look the truth in the face!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You're only interested in changing them while you stay the same!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You spend more time enabling or making excuses for them!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Your entire self WORTH is WRAPPED up in how much you WEIGH

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Another imperfect, fallible person completes you!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Sex is the only weapon in your arsenal!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Manipulation is a form of foreplay!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf You're actually looking forward to shacking up!

#YouAreInABadRelationshipIf Mediocrity gives you a warm feeling!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Womn's Worth!

Earlier this morning I had an opportunity to speak into the life of a young woman. Now what some people might call coincidence or happenstance, I like to call divine appointments from God. Why? Because I honestly believe every person put in my path has been carefully orchestrated not by some genie in a bottle, but an awesome God who knows that I can be incredibly useful when needed. This young, very attractive woman was beating herself up because she had apparently been stood up by a blind date. What shocked me is that she assumed that she had done something wrong. I suggested that she needn’t look at being stood up as rejection, but perhaps God had intervened and protected her from danger. We do it all the time don’t we? We assume it’s always our fault and not a loving, awesome, wonderful Father, namely God looking out for His little girls. What a beautiful thing to possess wisdom, and what a beautiful thing to be able to dispense it to young women who I pray will one day pass it on. My heart has been extremely heavy lately for future generations of women who’ve been immersed in a culture of what I like to call complete and utter foolishness. It saddens me to think many of our young women no longer seem to have hopes of becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, or Nurses. No, our young women would much rather star in a sex tape, or some ridiculous reality show in hopes of bettering themselves. I swear sometimes I feel like I’m completely surrounded by a generation of wanna be starlets in platform shoes, heavy eye shadow and spandex and it’s heartbreaking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad, the lack of pride, morals and character. I look at some of these young women who are barely out of their teens and they look so old. I wonder what they really see when they look in the mirror, and I’m not talking about the makeup, the tight clothing, I’m talking about their self -esteem. It’s just my opinion, but the sexier a woman tries to appear outwardly, the lower she seems to truly feel about her self- inwardly.
What I like to call my office is but a few strategically placed Starbucks located within the 25 miles or so I happen to frequent during the course of the week. On any given day, I can expect to hear a boisterous group of women comparing their weight, children, SUV’s, houses, or their husband’s incomes. It’s maddening at times, to think some women actually believe the sum of their worth is comprised of numbers. Why are we as women so hard on ourselves? Why does every single event in a woman’s life has to be about who’s the skinniest, prettiest or fairest girl in the land? Why does our entire existence have to revolve around our weight, breast size and our skin color? Don’t you get sick of being held to impossible standards of beauty, being objectified, over looked and obstructed at every turn?  What happened to us? What happened to the older generation of women who took the time to mentor and mold us? They can’t all be cougars, can they? Our fight didn’t stop with the right to vote, Roe vs. Wade or some man’s paycheck... or moving to the suburbs. There is still work to be done. There are countless women out there that need guidance. Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Pornography and these appalling reality shows have put scales over our eyes and nothing short of a Damascus Road experience will allow us to see again.

 “Women have settled, so much so that we’ve chosen to stand still in mediocrity.”- April Lashon