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Friday, April 29, 2011

Journal Entry 29 April 2011

Nearly every year that I’ve lived in the Midwest, I’ve had to prepare myself for inclement weather, but tomorrow’s forecast looks very promising indeed. It is the eve of my 40th Birthday and Lord what a beautiful day it is! It appeared for several weeks that the sun had gone on a long sabbatical with no plans of returning. Lord from the moment I woke up, I feel as though I’ve been running errands that won’t end. I did not want to enter the next phase of my life without some documentation of how truly grateful I am to you for all you’ve done for me, to me and through me. There is much to be thankful for. I can proudly boast about my relationship with you, I have my health and strength, I have two talented kids, I belong to a church that I am thriving at and life is only going to get better. I have grown so much. I do not have any plans to ever go back. I hardly recognize the woman I used to be.

My posture is always improving as I hand you my burdens. I know Lord that you want them all, but I thank you that you will wait patiently as I hand them over. I am so glad I didn’t give up. I’m still excited to see how it all turns out. As I sit here resting for the first time today, I think if I had given up then, I could not be here now, expressing to you how wonderful you’ve been to me. There is no rush. I am going to take my time and bask in every wonderful event you’ve planned for my beautiful life. No matter what I see going on in the world around me, I will remember what you said. I will remember your promises. People may scoff at me for not making any plans for my big day, but you know Lord that I am just so happy to be here. Lord, I am going with you, and I am thrilled that you are happy to have me along for the journey. There is nothing better than knowing that you will Lord, you still will, even if I don’t. What’s next? Where am I headed now that I am officially grown? Who knows? Only you!
Amazed By Your Grace!