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Monday, January 10, 2011

America the Beautiful?

Every year I think we need to take spiritual inventory of our lives to see if there are areas that need fine tuning. At the end of 2009 I made the decision get rid of cable television. In 2010 I was able to glean just how much time I have to do other things, things that matter. I hope the tragic events in Arizona teach us all how much we take for granted. It is with a Mother’s longing I watch as my two children prepare to enter adulthood in a world completely ensnared by hatred and violence. Only 10 days into this New Year and I’ve already had to cry. Last week I lost a very dear friend of mine. I have friends who are still out of work. I have friends dealing with issues I can’t even begin to comprehend. Though I don’t have cable, the horrific news of the world is still able to find its way to my heart.
We need to really look at the enemy inside America not the enemy overseas. The tongue is still the most harmful weaponry known to man and we’re all armed. When did common decency and civility lose its place in America? Hate speech is coming from everywhere now. There are extremists ready to make a placard for just about anything these days and it is frightening. Maybe I’m just a na├»ve but hate has exceeded even my expectations. I was sure that it would be illegal everywhere by now. I envisioned a much different world for my children and their children. There is something very wrong with the moral fiber of a nation when anyone can resort to lawlessness and acts of vengeance against people who are clearly not the enemy. America, I am embarrassed by your bullying, your fear mongering and it has to stop. Are we so arrogant as a nation that we can’t see we need God to restore us? I leave you with something I wrote a few weeks back. Marinate on it as long as you need to if not for you, then your children.

“Race will never be an issue once we realize the rainbow was resized to fit all of mankind under it”-April Lashon