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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To The Top,,, I Think?

On any given day you’re likely to find me either in the Public Library, a Starbucks or Barnes & Noble. It is in these places that I’m able to glean what I will from the myriad of conversations taking place all around me. Well at least on the surface anyway it would appear that nearly everybody on the planet is trying to get somewhere and they are willing to do just about anything to get there. I believe destiny paves the roads we are to take in life and delays occasionally put those routes in proper perspective. I overheard a conversation where a man with more ambition than the law probably allows telling another man how to cut corners to increase his profit share in what I can only assume was a shady business venture they were partnering in. In all honesty I get that we are all trying to navigate unchartered waters in this fledgling economy, and that hopelessness is starting to grate on all of our nerves, but cutthroat business practices however profitable are never warranted. What is it about being the BEST that brings out the absolute WORST in people? The lust for power makes for a very formidable opponent when one only wants to make it to the top and at any cost.

I would even venture to say that most people haven’t even thought about what happens after arriving at the top. What about you? Are you headed there, you know, to the top? Have you made any plans once you get there? Is the top it for you or are you planning to go someplace else? What about the path you’re on, are you sure it’s a reliable means of getting you there? What about the people behind you, are you even humble enough to move over, so they can get to the top too? How many people are you willing to step on, step over or stab in the back just to get to the top? The question certainly deserves an answer. Call me naïve, but I think people who are only concerned with making it to the top are limiting themselves. Having such a linear, such a logical view reminds me of an office building with no elevators, no corridors just seemingly endless flights of stairs. I don’t know about you, but climbing stairs gets redundant awfully fast. Life was never meant to be that boorish where one is only supposed to look up. What about life going on all around the people on their way to the top? I believe God expects us to live richer and fuller lives. We can’t because we have a singular perspective and we can only see positions, promotions, and parking spaces. We don’t see God’s promises because we generally don’t like how they’re packaged. I guess I will get there I guess, you know, to the top in God’s timing eventually. I can’t say that I like the thought of going alone though, so if you have a mind to step on me, step over me or stab me in the back, I will gladly move aside so you can pass.

“If we continue to live in a world where anything goes to get to the top, one day we’re all going to wake up and wonder perhaps as to why everything went.” – April Lashon

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