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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Journal Entry 07 August 2011

Lord I try so hard to process tragedy, but I can’t right now so I will simply have to put “it” somewhere I’m ready to deal with it.  Where will I find the words to express an experience that I’ve yet to deal with in my own life?  I’m will never understand how much thought you put into making women so strong.  I don’t mean to say that men aren’t, but women do seem to have an uncanny resilience to keep bouncing back.  I’m watching some amazing women in my life cope with the loss of their children, battle cancer, unemployment, divorce, and I have to applaud their resolve to forge ahead.  I don’t want to hoot my own harm, but how am I even able to do it?  How in the world is it possible to still be holding on after so much hurt? I find a lot of times Lord that when I can’t explain it away, rationalize it away, that I just have to simply accept it is none other than you.  The coldness of this world is something I never want to get used to.  Isn’t it strange how we compartmentalize wrongs done toward our fellow man? We excuse some, absolve others and totally overlook the rest depending on socioeconomic status, skin color, or the suburb we live in? We are all still naïve enough to believe that some of us have a monopoly on pain.  Hurt is hurt and it doesn’t matter if you live on the good side of town or not.  I keep wondering Lord, just what will it take to convince the rest of us that we all need each other? The enemy hates the white collar worker just as much as he hates the drug dealer. 
 Help me in the oncoming weeks Lord as travel on the path you’ve set before me.  Why is it Lord that we think some people deserve tragedy, sickness, loss, pain, poverty and other social ills?  What does this say about us?  I’ve imagined you crying Lord many times for us.  I’ve imagined you stretching your arms wide somehow keeping those of us who still believe you alone are God from falling over the edge.  I feel like it is really coming down to the wire.  Choices will have to be made, and consequences of those choices will have to be acknowledged and accepted.  The enemy is doing a fine job at blinding us with false light emanating from darkness.  The war rages on Lord.  I expect more casualties in the battle against “Good” and “Evil”.  How sad that there are people content wallowing in temporal treasures.  Do they even realize these temporary things have a time limit? Lord I’ve called so many names before you in prayer.  Remember them Lord! Bless them, heal, them, strengthen them, comfort them, and reconcile them back to you.  Lord I just wanted to thank you for keeping me the past couple weeks.  I am YET holding on.
Amazed by Your Grace!

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