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Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing Out Loud: Small Parts from BIGGER Hearts!

The local library is still one of the best sources of information.  Every week I find myself checking out movies I’ve long since forgotten or never would have seen otherwise. I am a huge fan of movies that deal with a particular period in History. Movies like War & Peace, The Pianist, North & South, Schindler’s List, and Apocalypse Now have stirred me to remember how one life affects every life.  Every time I watch a movie now, I remind myself not to focus so much on the leading roles but the actors in the supporting roles.  Some of the most brilliant actors and actresses are on screen no more than a few moments, but the parts they play help carry the story along.  We tend to get so caught up in the aesthetics of the stars, that we forget the rest of the supporting cast.  I believe God is calling those of us who really SEEK Him to look underneath the SUPERFICIAL to SEE if we can locate SOMETHING of real SUBSTANCE.  The pristine images we personally present to the world could use a lot more polish.   Our lives are often busy, but I think we overlook others and the obvious on purpose.  I think we add a lot on our plates so we don’t have to be responsible for caring about anybody else.  We don’t care much for what other people are going through, only that they appear to have it all together in the public.  We are afraid to ask questions, to take risks, to challenge the status quo.  People, who play the smallest parts, often have the biggest hearts for God. The more I read the Bible; I have a deep longing to thank some of the unsung heroes who aren’t mentioned by name.  When was the last time you really thought about the little boy who shared what was in his lunchbox with Jesus? Has it ever crossed your mind that there were leftovers for all who were hungry for something more only because of what that little boy gave to the Lord? What was in his lunchbox, just a few pieces of fish and some bread? Sure the multitude was hungry but I don’t believe it was purely perishable food they were after.  I believe they wanted something that permeated beyond their growling stomachs.  They wanted their spirits to be fed with something that lasts.  I believe it was by faith this little boy didn’t stop to do an algebraic equation on how Jesus would work it out. This little boy supported Jesus simply by playing his part.  In no way am I discounting what Jesus did, I am only focusing on what Jesus was able to do because of the big part the little boy played.  Whatever we do out of spite,will spur on the spirit of selfishness.  So the next time you don’t “feel” like it, remember this little boy.  I leave you with this.
  “And what will you do with your five fish and two barley loaves today?”

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