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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Writing Out Loud: If God?

·       "If God gave you His Word, what are you looking for in the world?"
·       "If God sent Jesus as your King, why are you juggling so many other court jesters?"
·       "If God sent the wind, why are you only worried about when it's going to wind down?"
·       "If God sent the storm, why are you looking for shelter?"
·       "If God locked the door, why are you looking for keys?"
·       "If God opened the window why are you trying to direct how the light comes in?"
·       "If God opened the door, why are you trying to turn the knob?"
·       "If God has given you a Gethsemane, why are you not giving God your grief?”
·       "If God has given you ALL AUTHORITY, why is the ADVERSARY ALL you ever talk ABOUT?”
·       "If God has all POWER, why are you afraid of PEOPLE, PAIN, PRAYER and PRAISE?"
·       "If God knows the OUTCOME why are you afraid of the ONSET?"
·       "If God promised you a mate, why are you playing house?"
·       "If God called you by name, why have you nominated somebody else?"
·       "If God is the SOURCE of your life, why are you looking for other SUPPLIERS?"
·       “If God is still working, why are you still wondering?"
·       "If God is still speaking, why aren't you sitting still?"
·       "If God has already done it,  what you doing?"
·       "If God said it, what are you speaking?"
·       "If God gave you His hand, why are you hanging on to bad habits?"
·       "If God loves you enough, why don't you love Him more?"
·       "If God favored you, why isn't He supposed to find my faith too?"
·       "If God supplied us with the content, why are we taking His Word out of context?"
·       "If God blocked it, why are you so darn bent out of shape about being free?"
·       "If God taught you how to swim, why are you standing safely on the shore?"
·       "If God created you to have Dominion, why are you dallying in divisiveness?"
·       "If God gave you His vision, why do you need their viewpoint?"
·       "If God forgave you, why have you forgotten to forgive ______?"
·       "If God gave you rain, why do you only want to see the rainbows?"
·       "If God gave you His truth, why are you so tangled up in lies?"
·       “If God isn’t who He says He is, who are YOU?”

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