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Friday, May 6, 2011

Writing Out Loud: The Red, The White, The Blue and the REST of U. S. Too!

The wake-up call America received on 911 was heard around the world and yet we are still hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. America you aren’t fooling anybody pretending only to care when the camera is on. The rest of the world watches as we go back to our own cozy segregated corners of the world after every catastrophe. This anti- sentiment against skin pigmentation, names that sound different has got to cease. Are you tired of the fear mongering and the race baiting in America? Yes It is out of control but allowed to persist because we all feel so passionate about other people who aren’t like us. America has become so ugly to me with her cold indifference, her upturned nose and her racial rhetoric disguised real dialect about real issues. America needs to take a serious look at what distracts her. It is her prolonged divisiveness that makes her an easy target for more terrorist attacks. She often reminds me of an indecisive woman who can’t decide what to wear. We’re too busy hiding racism around big words to see that our biggest enemy is within our borders NOT outside them. Terror has had a long head start and we’re not even close to gaining ground. I mean how is it still possible that in 2011 some of us still believe only a few of us matter?

Would you really have me to believe a parent regardless of skin color doesn’t feel the same grief over losing a child? Would you really have me to believe a person regardless of skin color doesn’t feel hopelessness in this dwindling economy? Would you really have me to believe one group of people has a monopoly on pain and suffering? When one group suffers, we all suffer. I am beginning to seriously doubt that America ever really wanted minorities to succeed. Oh how I wish you would make up your mind about the rest of us. One day you’re telling us to be all we can be and in the next breath, your taunting us and telling us we aren’t who we say we are. I am so glad my approval comes from God and not YOU! You tell us to get an education and make something of our disenfranchised lives and then you proceed to chisel our accomplishments away with your double standards. I’m utterly confused and can only imagine how this looks to the rest of the world. Don’t you think it is sad that our CURRENT President has to keep interviewing for a POSITION he already has? The day he leaves office will anybody really care where he was born? Probably not! Be honest America! You don’t care where Barack Obama was born you hate that he did what America expected of him.

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~America has become the hub of racial hatred, and racial intolerance!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~The highest office in the land being occupied by anyone who isn’t a CAUCASIAN MALE makes America cringe!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~ America doesn’t want any MINORITIES here unless it is to do MENIAL labor so she can MAKE MORE MONEY!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~ America doesn’t think anybody else but CAUCASIAN men are capable of anything.

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~ America only wants Latinos here to wash their cars, mow their lawns and clean their homes!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~ Cocaine whether SMOKED in the SLUMS or SNORTED in the SUBURBS is the SAME in America!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but ~ In America Planned Parenthoods are strategically placed in low income neighborhoods to abort the dreams and hopes of a race of people!

 Nobody wants to come right out and say it but~ As long as Minorities continue to receive Government Assistance, Kill each other and populate the penal system America is HAPPY!

Oh I know we all pretend we don’t see it, but it’s there! It resides in the way we draw up Congressional lines, the way we segregate school districts and where we place Liquor stores. America if you don’t think I have right to be here because of the color of my skin, where in the hell do you propose I go? For those of you who belong to this supposed “SUPERIOR” race walking around with your false sense of security and entitlement, where would you put me? You see my skin color may be darker, but I’m an odd mixture of everything. Your labels could only stick for so long before it lost its adhesiveness on my freedom to be who God already said I am! America is my home too! I didn’t get here by boat. I was hand delivered by the Almighty God. He in His infinite wisdom thought I was a good idea and that’s why I am here! Every breath that I take is at God’s DISCRETION and not because of man’s DECISION. America! My rights are not CONTAINED in the U. S. Constitution but the CROSS and Jesus Christ! Here’s some BREAKING NEWS! Racism is over! Really it is just that simple! We only have to say it and then we live it out every single day! America! Get used to ALL of us, because ALL of us are mutually invested in the survival of HUMANITY

“There can be no melting pot in America unless ALL of us are allowed to stand at the stove"~April Lashon

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