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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Journal Entry 19 May 2011

Lord, according to the latest rumors the world is scheduled to end this Saturday. Hype in my humble opinion, is always sold to the HIGHEST bidder with the LOWEST beliefs about God.  If indeed the world is ending on Saturday, well God I have to tell you that this information sucks on so many levels. Why? For one thing, I just turned 40! I’ve been crocheting a hat all week and it is finally starting to come together. I also just joined a wine of the month club and I was really looking forward to becoming a wine aficionado. Whether it’s true or not, I am not worried, for I know in whom I believe.  Honestly God, as much as I want to spend an eternity in heaven with you, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished everything I was created for. There are dreams I haven’t even slept on, that have to come true. There are people I have yet to reach. If anything this latest doomsday prediction brings with it a sense of urgency to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. We are living in terrifying times and people really are scared. It is those people I pray you make yourself known to. I’ve have been able to deduce from a few message board replies that the people most fearful of May 21, 2011, aren’t assured of their salvation and the rest simply don’t care because they don’t want to believe in you. People seem to have this “Smorgasbord” mentality when it comes to Religion. They want a little bit of Confucius, an extra helping of Buddha, a whole lot of Witchcraft and darkness and none of Jesus. This kind of mentality doesn’t work. One either believes ALL of your Word or NONE of your Word!   The world can’t end this Saturday. There are entirely too many people who do not yet know you. There are just as many people who claim to believe in you and don’t completely follow you as well. I know many people will reject Jesus’s message, but I think it’s only fair they have a chance to hear it from people who truly believe all of it. The panic surrounding this weekend does sort of put things in proper perspective. When people are faced with their own mortality, they tend to take stock of their lives. The only things that matter are the moments still left. Isn’t it funny how an ordinary word like death makes us appreciate the lives we often take for granted? I even commented on a message board that if this event brings people to a deeper and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then so be it. I read through a lot of replies last night and I was astonished by how many people who still think of you as a “fairy tale” as fiction or a fallacy. What about all the misguided people who read Horoscopes, who believe in spells and incantations, who employ Soothsayers, Fortune Tellers, Psychics, and Mediums, weren’t they not made aware of the world’s impending doom? Of course not! No one knows the day or the hour not even Jesus and I hardly doubt heaven would broadcast the end of the world on YouTube. The number of people attracted to the “world’s” darkness and not the “Light” is going to increase. It grieves me to watch people fall away simply because they can’t fathom why you won’t change your mind about sin. WHAT people fear the most shows me WHO they mostly believe in. Before the world ends, Hell on earth is going to get much worse, as if that were not already the case. There are going to be many people tickling the ears of people who really just want to hear what makes them feel comfortable about whatever it is they’re doing. Satan’s lies about you are still circulating. Satan has been telling man that he can become God for years, and man in his arrogance, still believes it.

Amazed by Your Grace!

“If man can’t believe in the SOVEREIGNITY of God, how can he believe in man’s SUPREMACY” ~April Lashon

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