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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Writing Out Loud: A Perfect Mistake!

Don’t let my internet presence fool you. I don’t stand out nearly as much as people might think I do. I imagine most of you would pass me on the street with not so much as a backwards glance. That’s okay! I think we stand out for different reasons. I for one think God was onto something when He spoke variety into existence. No matter what label the world puts on you, you have to know that God called you good. I laugh every time some “expert” presumes to tell me how my life could be “perfect” if I would only do such and such, or this and that. Do you ever get tired of having people telling you there’s something wrong with being us just being average? Hollywood’s definition of the word is slightly different than mine, so keep this in mind as you read the rest of this blog. Most of us are average, some of us are better at hiding our imperfections than others. Think about it this way! Perfection is the easiest place to hide problems, panic, pain, pressure and our pedigree. We hide behind our jobs, or degrees, our good credit, zip codes, and sunglasses. There is nothing wrong with being average because it places you right in the middle of haughtiness and humility.

I think the arduous task of constantly striving for perfection would bore me to tears. I don’t even believe perfection itself expects us to get it just right every time. There is just way too much emphasis on perfection, and sadly most of it is computer generated. How am I supposed to compete with unrealistic expectations placed upon me by a society that changes its mind about whether it accepts me on a weekly basis? Quite frankly, I don’t have the energy to know the latest secrets to a better life, because I’m too busy learning from my mistakes. I’m much too busy living. Mistakes on the other hand, now there’s a movement I can fully get behind. I think we learn more from our mistakes than pretending we’re perfect.

• I don’t cook perfect meals! Who really has the time to count calories when we’re all updating our Twitter statuses?

• I don’t have perfect skin, as a matter of fact there’s a pimple erupting to the surface as I type.

• I don’t have a perfect body either! There are stretch marks on top of stretch marks where skin with elasticity used to be.

• I don’t have perfect eyesight! There have been more times than I care to admit to needing eyeglasses just to find my readers

• I don’t have perfect kids! They both inherited my sense of humor and sarcasm.

• I don’t have a perfect family! My family is probably just like yours highly dysfunctional with an uncanny ability to unite at funerals, and readings of wills.

We put way too much pressure to be superhuman when God only expects us to be human. What’s wrong with my “AVERAGE” life as long as God is part of it? I for one cannot do it! I can’t pretend my life has no cracks, no fraying edges and no specks of dust. If it weren’t for my mistakes I don’t think grace and mercy would have quite the same meaning. What is there to be learned from a perfect image? For those of you burdened by perfection, what’s left after every T is crossed, every I dotted, and every crooked line is straight? Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating rebellion against God, what I am advocating is alleviating some of the pressure by letting God’s grace and mercy do their jobs.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your words of wisdom, faith, creativity, humility and
    tenderness. What a Blessing!


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