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Monday, April 11, 2011

Journal Entry 11 April 2011

Lord I say this all the time, but “Thank You!” never seems to do what you’ve done for me enough justice. With all the words in the English language, none of them can quite encapsulate what I would like most to say to you. Lord I’ve often wondered how much I may have missed out on because I was only looking for you to do the “BIG” things? How many of the “small” things slipped by carrying the miracles I needed most? How many sunsets did I scarcely glance at, taking for granted that more than likely, it will be there tomorrow?
How many times have I escaped an accident in my car, thinking my car insurance will take care of everything?
How many times have I driven past a hospital ever mindful that I am not a patient?
How many times has my gas tank been on empty, but I was able to coast on fumes, until payday?
How many times did I have unprotected sex thinking I was immune from sexually transmitted diseases?
How many times during the brutal winter months have my utility bills nearly brought me to tears but I was able to stay warm?
How many times has favor, opportunity, and blessing knocked only to find me waiting for the postman to bring me a “blank check” from an “anonymous” source?

Lord I wanted to stop again and say “Thank You” for the awesome way in which you have uniquely added to my life. Just last week favor afforded me an opportunity to be interviewed by an award winning social media guru. It was one of my proudest moments, to be able to speak candidly about my relationship with you. Lord you alone deserve so much more than what we give you. I think we are all guilty of only looking for you to hand out cars, cash and houses when you are so much bigger than car notes, mortgage payments, and making it to the top! Today for instance, I had to have an emissions test on my car in order to renew my plates. Now to most people this doesn’t seem like a significant enough reason to give you thanks. Reasons to “Thank You” Lord, well they go on and on! The day isn’t even over, who knows what I’ll be “Thanking You” for by 11:59 pm tonight? What’s funny to me today is I am human so I don’t think I’ll ever be fully aware of all that you do, but it never hurts to say “Thank You” does it?

Amazed By Your Grace!

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