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Friday, March 4, 2011

Writing Out Loud:Put Yourself In Charlie's Place

 How many times have you passed a traffic accident in hopes of seeing a mangled body lying in the middle of the highway? You can be honest, nobody ever reads my blogs. Do you ever feel like exploiting people for rating’s sake has become all too commonplace? What’s wrong with us? From the pulpit to the playground, darkness has been given a platform and yet we all still think we can play patty cake with the devil. Every single day we ingest harmful information being passed through the airwaves. It’s as if the world can’t wait for the next catastrophe so we feel we have to help the next one along. What a bunch of enabler’s we all are. We’ve all helped to glamourize teen pregnancy, drug abuse, the Occult, homosexuality, murder, and rape, all because we’d rather be “politically correct” than Godly. We are living in a time when speaking up will go a lot further than silence. Lives are literally at stake, including yours! Maybe this doesn’t resonate much with you because it’s not members of your family being dragged through the mud.   Do you really believe Charlie Sheen’s life is a reason to grab a bowl of popcorn, gather the family around the HDTV and wait anxiously for his life to continue to spiral out of control? Be honest? Have you ever stopped worshipping a celebrity long enough to wonder if God might use you to lead them to Jesus Christ? If God’s grace and mercy were good enough for you, why isn’t good enough for all the other people who find themselves where you once were? At the end of the day, when the cameras stop rolling, when there’s nothing left to exploit, when there are no more late night jokes, this man, Charlie Sheen, is somebody’s child.

Do you remember the edge? The edge was the place you found God right before you decided to jump into a pit of hopelessness. The edge is a scary place because on one hand despair beckons us to jump while God’s light strains to get through the haze. Do you ever wonder why you didn’t jump? It might have been the few prayers of the righteous. We should all be a bit more careful when it comes to erasing people out of our lives; God may pencil them in back later. Put yourself in Charlie’s place for one moment or better yet, put your own child in his place. How’s your pious perspective now?   There have been times I’ve been riding in my car and I’ve had to pull over unable to see the road because of my tears, tears of gratitude because I remember who I was before Jesus. I remember what it’s like to be an ugly wretch. I remember what it was like to be depressed, discouraged, and despondent. Ugly inside and out, and it spilled into every area of my life. I think too many of us get saved, we get a few scriptures, songs and spiritual truths committed to memory and then we STOP. That’s right, we STOP caring about the sea of people still swimming in sadness. We get so spiritual, we tend to throw scriptures at “sinners” the same we throw money at the homeless. I think there is a natural progression where we get to a place where we just appreciate if it weren’t for God’s grace, we’d still be a complete mess. Seriously it wasn’t that long ago you needed someone to pray for you, you needed someone to speak a word to you, and you needed someone to tell you how much God loved you. For some of us this was as recent as last month.

“It requires less character to discover the faults of others, than to tolerate them”~ J. Petit Senn

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  1. The characteristic of being insensitive and uncaring to the plight of others is of the world, and I guess the lot of us aren't really guarding our hearts enough to avoid being like the world. I believe anyone who'd care to listen to all that you've said ought to know that the right response to people like Charlie Sheen is Love - the God kind - nothing less. That's the principal and essential way to living in this world of pain and suffering. Love heals, Love helps.

    Keep up the good work Visa. And please never think that know reads you. You have been an awesome blessing to me via your videos, tweets and blog. God bless you..


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