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Monday, March 14, 2011

Journal Entry 13 March 2011

What a gorgeous day Lord, this the first day of losing an hour of sleep. Maybe I shouldn’t think of it as losing an hour of sleep but an early start on resting in your presence. I think we all tend to meet change with a bit of resistance. I thought about that this morning when I realized I set my clock back instead of forward. Subconsciously I think I may have been expressing some reluctance on going forward even though that is precisely what I asked you for. As excited as I am about all the wonderful things you are doing in this season in my life, I believe there are parts of me that think loitering in the past is cool. I have to imagine the best case scenario and move forward with or without some family members, and friends. Change is inevitable! I prayed for it and now I’ve got it.  Lord I feel like I am on a mission to accentuate all the positives in my life lately with praise. What a fascinating couple of weeks I’ve had. I am literally watching your Word be performed in every area of my life. I’m just so thankful Lord that you have been an integral part of my spiritual development. I don’t even know how I thought I could’ve made it all these years without you. You’ve been so faithful to me. I have years of journals where you’ve spoken promises to me, and now I am watching as they are fulfilled. It’s exciting as I make this last trek in the desert into my “Promised Land”, my “good land flowing with milk and honey”. Just this evening a friend called and asked me to meet with her for intercessory prayer. Right in the midst of us engaging in warfare, I hear a beautiful melody coming from her. I’m in awe watching you birth a song out of our prayer time together. I really love watching you work Lord. There’s nothing spooky or secret or shameful about how you operate. I couldn’t grab my cell phone fast enough. I know what that’s like to hear a song and you pray you get it recorded somewhere before it is lost.
Lord I pray that you begin to speak powerful and anointed lyrics to her even now.  It feels so good to be in a good place spiritually. I know there are many more battles to fight and though they are yours, I still need to wear my armor. This reflective state I seem to be in must be due to the fact that I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the stages of my makeover, compliments of receiving salvation. You have truly changed me Lord. For years I thought I wanted cards, cash, clothes and a cake. In lieu of a big birthday celebration, I believe I will have more of Christ. I’m just so thankful to still be here. Lord I wanted to thank you especially for placing so much good in my life, for showering me with so much love and affection, and for always listening to me. I want to thank you for sending good people in my life right now who have a genuine heart for you. I am so blessed to be able to worship at church where I don’t feel like the status quo is suffocating me to death. I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with two beautiful kids whom you’ve helped me raise. I’m thankful that I don’t have to be perfect, thin, rich, or tall, I only have to be April.

Amazed by Your Grace!


  1. My state of mind: rejuvenated! i've been clicking on the link to your blog for a while now, only to discover dt i added an extra 'l' to it. lol...God bless you, sis. Your writings have inspired me! God bless you real good!

  2. Would like to have you on my talk show. Contact me.


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