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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Met Someone BUT!

This blog goes out to all the LOVER'S in the house!  In no way do I profess to be an expert on anything. I do believe age, wisdom and experience allows me to share some of the nuggets of truth that I’ve been privileged to pick up along the way. That being said let me also say this!  Your marital state is NOT something to be checked OFF by YOU but checked OUT by God.  We want to be in relationships so bad that we will settle for ANYONE just so we can say we have SOMEONE!  Ladies do you ever think it strange all the qualities we expect in men yet we don’t always possess those qualities ourselves?  When was the last time you checked off your qualifications for Prince Charming? Seriously look at your “list” and see if most of the things you want in a man aren’t physical or material in nature.  Don’t you think it’s odd that we could care less about what’s going on with him internally or spiritually? My Dear Sisters, men are comprised of more than height and weight and wallet requirements. What if the guy you thought you wanted possessed every admirable quality there is but a relationship with God?  Would you still think he was “Prince Charming”? Most women make the mistake that they can use their feminine wiles on a man thus changing him into the perfect male specimen. If you are still inclined to think this way, you are in for a very rude awakening. It is God who does the changing.

We meet people and we become so engrossed in who they are physically and financially we overlook where they aren’t spiritually.  It bears repeating! We meet people and we become so engrossed in who they are physically and financially we overlook where they aren’t spiritually. It’s important to ask God for discernment in all matters, not just spiritual ones.  I don’t think I can stress this enough but everything concerning you concerns God. Everything includes the people coming in and out of our lives too.  Some people are only seasonal, they are here depending on the weather, and then they are gone.  Seasons change!  It is very important to learn what you can from people because most assuredly, another seasonal crop of people are headed your way. 

I met someone BUT he doesn’t believe in God!

I met someone BUT he doesn’t know how to pray!

I met someone BUT he doesn’t believe in tithing!

I met someone BUT he doesn’t care about where he’s going to spend eternity!

I was taught the word BUT cancels out everything preceding it! Ladies, I am here to tell you a man’s good looks won’t be able to do anything for you if you have to battle cancer.  Really who cares if he has nice abs? Having a 6 pack means absolutely nothing.  Look at his knees! What do his knees look like? Do his knees indicate that he’s been on them praying to God?

"I think we fear the ANSWERS we have to ACCEPT from God more than the QUESTIONS we need to ASK God~

Eternal benefits aside, a lasting relationship with Jesus is really no different than the one we want most with our mate.  It takes commitment, communication, but most of all, it takes the covenant of marriage.  Maybe you’ve met someone and you're having those “nagging” little doubts. Before you get too excited about excitement, it is always best to have God check them out.  Sometimes we only need to ask ourselves, was it fate or the Father? Now I'm no expert when it comes to matters of the heart, but I have enough sense to ask God for discernment when I would rather follow my HEAD instead of His HEART. Wisdom NOT applied is just information! I leave you with this.

“Magicians who use wires in their act don't let you see them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there”

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