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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing Out Loud: Stop For A Word!

It is my sincerest hope, I never tire of writing about the places I remember God the most when I thought He wasn’t there. It’s always been my view that value is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for something. Jesus proved this when He died on Calvary for you and me. I found my way to a bookstore several years ago. I didn’t have much time to browse but I purchased several books, one in particular that would see me through some pivotal moments in my life. I was still very much a young woman, very unsure of her purpose in life. I was very immature spiritually and I only wanted God on my own terms. I started to read the Bible and my curiosity about Jesus began to simmer. If you’re wondering what’s so freaking special about a bible? It’s the bible I picked on my own. Guilt didn’t lead me to steal it from a hotel room, and I didn’t get it because I joined a church fellowship. I literally sought the Word and I am still seeking. I took my own money and bought this bible and I still have it today.
One day I lost my bible and I believe what I did to redeem it demonstrates how much value I’ve placed in its ability to change trials into triumph. Once I realized it was gone, I retraced my steps only to find it at the same place I first knew I needed it, a traffic stop. Life comes at us in every direction until we decide to stop to pay attention to the traffic signals. I always thought that traffic stop was symbolic of how my life was going. The Word has taught me so much about how much God values me. I have been able to find peace, comfort and assurance that I am deeply loved by God. Every time I open it up, I feel like I am digging for a hidden treasure, but there is nothing secret about it. I can read the same passage of scripture countless times and get something different out of it. God plans for me are extraordinary. The dreams and plans I had seem pretty tame compared to what the Word says I can have.

The water of the world will always want to dilute the flavor of the Word, but I challenge you today to “Taste and see that He is good”

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