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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Journal Entry 27 February 2011

Lord was it really just a week ago today I saw another miracle happen in my life? It is getting to where I can’t keep up with your goodness. I suppose I could write an online journal entry everyday but some miracles can’t be explained in laymen terms. I knew in my spirit that after last Sunday my life would truly never be the same again. Lord I just wanted to stop by and thank you publically for using me to minister through song. I have written many songs over the years and I’ve never thought much about what happens to them after I close my notebook. Watching something I wrote come to life was beyond words. I wanted to thank you for the new songs you are already giving me in the middle of the night. What I remember most of all about last week was a wave a peace that washed over me as I took the microphone right before my performance. I don’t even seem to know where my “voice” came from. It was evident from the rehearsals that I hadn’t sung publically in years. I should’ve written this last week, but it is a true testament to how busy my life has been. I thank you Lord for the strength to be able to get everything done. I think for the very first time I understood the difference between professional singers and anointed singers. Last week the atmosphere was saturated in the anointing. Every song, every singer ministered to me. I am still singing “You Are Holy”. It was such an awesome experience, such an awesome night.   What’s next for me Lord? I’m feeling very creative, and very inspired. What I did to those poor legal pads last week was insane. I am keeping plenty of paper on hand, because the ideas are pouring in. I don’t always know what to do with them so I appreciate that you take me back to things I’ve long since forgotten about. I also appreciate that I can watch you work in my life and participate by using the gifts and talents you’ve placed in me. Lately I’ve been wondering about the people I’ve been called to. Am I doing enough? Am I still relevant? I watched the RadicalIs 2011 Conference hosted by Rick Warren and I know now I can put those silly notions out of my head. Comparing myself to someone else is just silly and likened to Idol Worship. I also wanted to thank you for all the wonderful people you’ve placed in my life to help me, to mentor me, to advise and guide me and most of all, to protect me. I am starting to ease back into meaningful relationships with people. I’m still very cautious with good reason.  I make no apologies for who I am, since I’m not planning to stay this way. I don’t have to be perfect today, or tomorrow, I’ll settle for being your Daughter any day.
Amazed by Your Grace!

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