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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing Out Loud: High and Mighty Heels?

Women in high heels always seem like they’re in a hurry to get somewhere. It is very hard to mistake the click clacking sound of a woman in high heels as she strolls down a city sidewalk. I don’t particularly care for shoes made to look like stilts, and I find it very hard to keep my balance in footwear that makes me feel like I’m riding an elevator. Have you ever wondered where a woman’s high heels take her? For most of my life, I had the displeasure of being compared to my older sister. I was always referred to as the “smart sister” while she was deemed the “pretty sister”. I wonder if this insensitive “labeling” was because she liked heels and I preferred the safety of a tennis shoe. Now has she progressed further in life because she wore heels? I don’t think so. Most women are busybodies but whether we’re productive in what we busy ourselves in is another shoe store altogether. For those of you who prefer heels do you look at the rest of us who prefer the closeness of the ground as dowdy or plain? Some women want to be fashionable and that’s perfectly alright with me. There are those who feel they have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and talk a certain way to make a way. Women across the world are being strangled to death by a lack of positive self-esteem. The pressure isn’t necessarily coming from glossy magazine covers, but the enemy within.
Nothing crashes to earth louder than the people who fall from the platforms we place them on. Have you ever considered high heels as a platform, or just another means to an end in the constant pursuit of happiness? What’s wrong with average when Superwoman is not an always an available option? I mean we’re strong women for goodness sakes, nobody makes us do anything these days. We are trying to balance too much on shoes that have the potential to cause painful blisters. Have you found balancing your careers, families, bake sales, soccer practice, and the impromptu potluck harder in a pair of 6” heels? Don’t be embarrassed! Who made up the rule women had to do everything in stilettos anyway? Do your feet ever hurt from walking around disguised as perfect submission all the freaking time? I think we keep compact mirrors in our purses to remind us of how tired we are with subscribing to social standards of beauty. It’s going to be hard to maintain your balance on a sidewalk when you’re not willing to walk right before the Lord. God gives His precious Daughter’s a sense of balance. High heels make a lot of noise only if women insist on letting the world know where we’re walking. Some of us aren’t walking anywhere because we’re worried. Were worried about what the world thinks. So we try to spice things up, sex things up only to be seen. God isn’t expecting us to be sexy. God wants us to be saved. Some people may view you as dull, you’re not, you just shine differently that’s all. Whether its heels or flip flops, I believe God took painstaking care in making sure that none of His Daughters could ever be considered plain based on shoes.

“Humility keeps me on the ground, when your high heels give you cause to look down on me”-April Lashon

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