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Friday, January 21, 2011

Journal Entry 21 January 2011

Only three weeks into the New Year and I can already see significant changes taking place. Lord, help me to keep my zeal as this year progresses. I say this because the first couple months are always easier as the snow melts and the days turn into spring. I am enjoying what I believe to be are the last few months of wandering in the wilderness. This is the year I turn 40 and though it may not mean much to people, I know I am only months away from entering my very own Promised Land. I didn’t think I would ever get here. I’ve learned some valuable truths wandering in the desert. Pharaoh tried many times to imprison me mentally with spiritual bondage. He has used my family, my friends, and my failures. It was you Lord who taught me that I can leave it behind and never to feel the pangs loneliness again.
My survival in the wilderness was always contingent upon who and what I left in Egypt, and how long I chose to complain about how you chose to bring me out. If I had no hope, wandering would seem like a sure way to go. Lord I am ready for some milk and honey. I am ready to rest in your promises. With the eagerness of a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy, I look forward to seeing what you’re about to birth in me. What you reveal to me is more than enough. I am curious though about love, the next level of my ministry, and how I can serve the Kingdom better. I’ve got the makings of a beautiful life because I serve a great God who believes in blessing His children. I have a feeling I am going to be busy this year. I wanted to thank you Lord right now, at the beginning rather than the end for all the wondrous things you have prepared for me this year.
Amazed By Your Grace!

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