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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Writing Out Loud: The New Year

It was unseasonably warm yesterday. There was something very poetic and symbolic about the rain and snow. The snow has always reminded me of a giant eraser, making everything it touches clean. The rain had washed away most of the snow by the time I got out of bed, and all I could hear was water flowing in all directions. I like to think the rain washed away any residue the snow missed removing the last traces of doubt about what I didn’t accomplish in 2010. I believe how we close out one year sets the tone for the new one! Intimacy and communication are the keys to any relationship on earth and in heaven. I didn’t spend the last hours of this year partying or drinking. I didn’t attend another Watch Night Service with a catchy theme to rhyme with 11 and I didn’t spend the last hours of last year alone. I spent the last remaining hours of last year in the presence of God, and when the clock struck 12, I made sure the very first words I uttered were to God. My first words were like my first offering to the Almighty God.   With tear stained eyes, I began thanking God in advance for what he has already done in this New Year! What I’ve learned over the years is we don’t necessarily need a holiday to love people more, or make better life choices. We only need to start! No more ridiculous resolutions for me. No more promises to God I don’t intend to keep past January 15th. We typically know better, but we choose to do far worse. We keep a “mental rolodex” of excuses to why we can’t or won’t do something, we find the one we like, and we insert it where we like. I entered this year with the assurance of God’s steadfast love. I entered this year with grace and mercy following me as they’ve done my entire life. I entered this year with no expectations beyond being human but supernaturally empowered by God. I entered this year knowing God goes with me. I entered this year knowing God is the same. He hasn’t changed His mind about me and a year from now, the difference in me will be because God comes first every year.
Happy New Year!