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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Cheer?

It is a veritable mad house out here as Holiday Shoppers scurry from store to store hoping to find the “perfect” gift. I have to laugh because just this afternoon, I chanced to hear a man declare his love for someone and proceed to complain about spending $11.00 on a thermos! On my way to the bookstore I caught the tail end of a traffic accident. I bet it wasn’t the Holiday cheer that led to this 3 car fender bender but a preoccupation with commercialization. Many people like myself, can’t wait for the long lines, impatience, and materialism to be over. I like to think I’m lucky because this year my children only want money. Does it ever get old the pushing, the shoving, the profanity to grab another television we don’t need? There are people who have to spike their eggnog just to get through the Holidays. What does a perfect gift look like anyway? Is it expansive? Does it sparkle? Does it have to come from a major Department Store? Would I even recognize it without the help of a Salesperson?
How would you feel if on your next birthday everyone you cared for was totally oblivious? What if there were no cake, no gifts, no cards, and no song? At its most basic level, Christmas is about Christ! Christmas tends to overlook Christ in favor of electronics, argyle sweaters, and toaster ovens. I wonder how Jesus feels every year when His birthday is used to justify excessive spending or just not even being the focal point at all. This entire month of December my Pastor has taught a sermon series entitled “Simply Christmas” and it’s been a real eye opening experience. Maybe it’s just the culture in Western Civilization to always want more stuff than we know what to do with. I pray that we never forget Christmas is not for sale. Oh we love to boast that Jesus is the reason for the season. Is He really? When was the last time you gave Jesus a sacrificial gift of praise? When was the last time you included Him in your Holiday plans? He deserves our gift of praise. It is a very costly gift but so was Calvary.
I won’t keep you long, lest you get a paper cut from wrapping gifts, I will leave you with this!
“If you are still searching for the perfect gift to get my Father, He still loves praise”~Jesus Christ