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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Writing Out Loud: Growing Pangs

I’m a creature of habit and I tend to do a lot of “people watching” whenever I’m out. The other day I saw a Father overjoyed by the company of his daughter. Instantly I felt a pang of longing because I’ve never had such an experience. I watched this man become totally engrossed in his daughter’s discussion on a movie she’d watched. For nearly 40 years I’ve often wondered what my life might have been like had I grown up in a home with love. Don’t get me wrong, I grew in a nice home, there were two parents who lived there as well, but that was about the extent of it. I believe wholeheartedly many of the “issues” I have stem from not having anybody care beyond a “surface” level about me. I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to call God Father. The man who terrorized me for the better part of my childhood didn’t exactly exhibit the qualities of a Father. My family reminds me of a darkroom. Nobody cares much except the photographer about the processing of the film, but we all want a pretty picture don't we? Through God’s lens I zero in on my own family. I’m amazed we define it as such when tiny factions of people who just happen to be related by blood would seem more applicable. Beyond “regular” church attendance, Godly examples are few and far between. Life hasn’t seemed to have matured, mellowed or marinated the “seasoned” adults at all. I think after a considerable amount of time, some sort of evolution should take place. This metamorphosis starts inward in the heart. So when I look at middle aged people who don’t seem to have grown emotionally or spiritually, I view it as a heart issue not a health issue. I depend on God, my Father now for my spiritual upbringing. God promises me He longs to be a Father to me. He wants to be the “Daddy” who lets me crawl lovingly into His lap every night when He gets home. He wants to be the Mother who listens earnestly to the dreams of her little girl. He wants to be the brother or sister who takes up for me when the world comes against me. He wants to be the immediate family I can depend on for sound advice. I’ve always wanted a Father. Now I have one in God.


Just a quick video I filmed today to be mindful of those who are less fortunate than you this Holiday season! Enjoy your family and friends but after the turkey has digested,take a moment to reflect on how good God has been to you! Be blessed! be safe! Most of all, Be thankful!