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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writing Out Loud: Making The List!

Lists are interwoven into the fringe of the average person’s life. Lists are everywhere, providing numerical, alphabetical or bulleted instructions helping us achieve maximum efficiency in an otherwise clueless existence. What about you? When you see another “list”, do you adhere to the “guidelines” set forth or do you ignore the anal retentive person and his or her “Type A” personality behind it? Lists are everywhere! They help us at the grocery store. Lists help us perform our daily tasks at work. Lists even tell our children where to put the dishes after they’ve emptied the dishwasher. I’m a firm believer that at least for some of us, lists make our chaotic lives more manageable, less stressful ......orderly somehow. Many of you probably already know that I love to read, but did you also know I am also partial to bookmarks too? It’s true! Anytime I purchase a book, I always try to find a book mark to go with it! The only setback, is the very rare occasion I loan my books out, I usually don’t get my bookmarks back either! I purchased an interesting bookmark recently. This bookmark listed 50 books to be read before you die. I began to read down the list of books noticing some very popular names: Steinbeck, Austen, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Bronte and Joyce. So I’m thinking how freaking cool I must be because I’ve actually read or am reading books by many of these authors. I took a closer look at this bookmark and I noticed that one of the books listed was the Holy Bible. Again I laughed, because I probably have more versions of the Bible than the actual list of books. The thought in my head now is surely an “expert reader” must have compiled such an exhaustive list. I still marvel at God’s ability to use the “foolish things to confound the wise” like using a bookmark to express how important it is to read His Word. Will you read the Holy Bible now? I mean it’s on a list with Oscar Wilde for goodness sake! The Holy Bible is not just a collection of unbelievable stories. The Holy Bible embodies one central theme from beginning to end: God’s redemptive plan for His children, who He loves dearly! I pray there is an unction deep inside your spirit that propels you to read the Holy Bible, not because it was on a list, but because your life really does depend on it.