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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Journal Entry 21 October 2010

Yesterday I had a killer headache! I’m talking about the kind where any sudden movement seems life threatening. I suspected from the very onset, my headache was a culmination of many things: low glucose, stress, anxiety, mood swings, weather changes, frustration and your “normal” female angst. I admit I probably think too much and have a tendency to over analyze things to death. For some reason, knowing minute details give me a certain degree of comfort or maybe the better word is control. Maybe answers help me feel protected from questions the “unknown” can always raise. My headache reminded me a lot of the unknown. My head seemed to only hurt when I concentrated more on things I truly didn’t need to know but wanted to know right then. I think sometimes we expect you to microwave your promises and slow cook the pain. I am figuring out as I go Lord that most of our pain is self induced, brought on by a deep-seated need to have power over our own lives.
It has been an interesting couple of weeks indeed! Maybe age is responsible, but I’ve noticed lately I need extra time to mull over the events of an otherwise routine life. Once I’ve had time to process my thoughts only then am I able to develop them in a more concrete fashion. I’ve needed the additional time to review relationships, questions, answers, decisions, mistakes, actions, deeds, words and promises. There are days Lord, when I see with such clarity and others where I feel as though I am wandering around in the daytime with a flashlight. I had a fascinating conversation tonight with a local businessman and a future mayoral candidate. I listened intently as both gave their answers on everything from the imploding mortgage crisis to Communist China. I think answers are easier to give than the questions they garner. Mostly I think we walk in circles expecting the answers to come directly to us. I’m thankful Lord that you are still the answer before the question is asked!
Amazed by Your Grace!