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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Writing Out Loud: What YOU put FIRST

I was 200 pages into a popular book series before I realized I was reading them out of order! This little blunder became the mechanism that recalled recent moments in my life when more than a few things seemed to be out of sync. Sometimes the busyness of life even a simple one like mine can make us forget what is really important. Even if your life revolves around keeping the Ten Commandments, you can lose sight of what’s really important. Have you ever felt like you were losing sight of your authentic self amid the countless images projected at you? I think it’s the small things over time rather than one big thing at once causing many of us to get off track. Aren’t you relieved though that one certainty in life is that God never changes? So on those days when my flesh renders my spiritual life fickle I know God consistently waits for me to find my way back to Him.

When things start to go awry in my life I always try to look at the condition of my relationship with God. Have I been praying? Have I been reading the Bible? Have I been attending worship services on a regular basis? Have I really been doing all the things it takes to maintain a thriving relationship with God? If the answer to more than one of those questions is no, I know therein lies the problem. Oddly enough the series I’m reading delves very candidly into priorities and what we think is important verses what truly is. Where is God in your life? Do you reach for Him first thing in the morning or your Smartphone? Is God the only option or is He your last resort? If He needed to get in touch with you, could He locate you easily or would He find you underneath the stench of sinful mire? Is He just another sticky note on your fridge? Do you talk to Him even when you don’t need anything? Can He rely on you to reach others with what He’s placed inside you? Do you even believe that He really is God? I ask again, where is God in your life?

I’ll leave you with this little nugget “What you put first orders everything else!”