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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Journal Entry 11 August 2010

Lord this has been one sobering week hasn’t it? Am I correct in my assumption that a major shift has occurred spiritually? It’s as if the truth were trying to knock me down these days to get my attention. The knocks on the front door of my heart were so loud I had no choice but to allow entrance. My posture is improving significantly as I relinquish heavy burdens my frame was never intended to carry. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the ability to cry. The power of tears to cleanse the soul is amazing. I’m reminded of Psalms 56:8 and how you remind me that not even my tears are wasted, caring so much to even store them in bottles. You alone Lord have been my one constant source. There is truly none like you. If I could find one single moment where you weren’t there, I’d be lying. Who else but a loving God could patiently watch as his child tries to handle things on her own? Who else but a loving God could listen to His child as she tries to make some sense of the world around her? Who else but a loving God could watch His daughter sob uncontrollably for nights on end? Who else but a loving God could understand that His daughter is stronger than even she knows? Who else but a loving God could watch His daughter reach out to people only to feel ignored? Who else but a loving God could watch His child have her faith shaken by so many people in such a short time? Who else but a loving God could watch His daughter hold everything in until she can finally talk her Heavenly Father about it? Who else but a loving God could know that despite the traumatic events, His daughter believes what He said?   I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today, and grace was reflected back at me. It is because of your grace I’ve come through on the other side of trials and tribulations with hardly any affect on my physical appearance. The blows I’ve been hit with haven’t killed me if anything they’ve made me more aware of the prominence you have in my life. Even with all the fiery darts aimed at me, I can’t imagine having gone through so much in my life just to get here, right on the verge of a mammoth breakthrough and give up. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt continually calling on the name of Jesus has prevented me from stumbling into a dark abyss. The easiest way I think for me to keep from falling is to look at the place I first started to stumble, not where I actually fell. Lord, please reveal the areas where I can improve, where I can be more discerning and prudent. Lord, please help me work out everything that seems to be distressing to me. Lord, please help me to forgive every single person who’s hurt me recently. Lord if there is anything in my life that does not add to my life, subtract it. I’m already looking forward to the New Year. Some people for reasons only known to you will undoubtedly remain in 2010. Going forward, I vow to take one day at a time. I promise to look in the mirror and speak only what you say about me and act like it’s so!
Amazed by Your Grace!