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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Writing Out Loud:The Blame Game

We tend to look the other way a lot of times when celebrities operate above the law. We forgive them when they use drugs, beat their wives, have affairs, even when they lip synch. It’s so easy to forget celebrities have choices too and usually the means to make better ones too. Now that some time passed, I think there is an equal amount of blame to share. I think first and foremost some of this blame most deservingly goes to Michael Jackson himself. Michael Jackson had access to health care nearly 50 million people can only dream about. As much as I adored him, Michael should have been more proactive in his choices regarding his health and ultimately his “friends”. The biggest question I have is whether or not Michael Jackson was truly informed as a patient on the contraindications of using this powerful drug and what finally led to his consent to have it administered.
I agree that Dr. Murray whether by omission or commission is indeed negligent if the news accounts of the events on that fateful day are accurate. Is Dr. Murray however, being made the only scapegoat so that it appears to the rest of us justice is being served? I just don’t think this entire burden is Dr. Murray’s alone. Good can come from any situation, maybe this will shed some serious light on celebrities and illicit drug use, doctor shopping, and out of control lifestyles. We all should learn to care just a little bit more about other people. People who aren’t celebrities “bump” into us all the time on purpose and we’re so busy pretending we don’t SEE them. Emotions run hot and they often affect our ability to think rationally. We’re going to be inundated with salacious gossip, innuendo, rumors and sound bytes to increase ratings in the upcoming weeks. I honestly cannot wait until this entire sordid mess is behind us. I caution all of you to pay more attention to the people who cross your paths. This is a teachable moment for all of us SILENCE IMPLIES CONSENT!
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