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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing Out Loud: Let There Be Light!

If you’ve ever had the flu you know how wretched your body feels. For days I’ve suffered through aches, pains, chills, congestion, a runny nose, dizziness and the most harrowing of all, no Starbucks. Yesterday however, I thought I was feeling better that is until I got out of the bed! My gut reaction was to try to “shake” it off, put on several layers of clothing, and face the blustery cold awaiting me outside. It took my last ounce of strength to find the bed post and steady myself. I held on about 5 seconds before collapsing against the eight pillows I sleep with! Today I felt the fever had left me, my head stopped throbbing so I decided to try again. I repeated the sequence of events that make up my normal “Morning Routine”, and as I type this blog from Starbucks, I know that nothing beats a failure except another failure that succeeds. As soon as I opened the door this afternoon, I was pelted by the rays from the sun! While squinting, I reached for my nonexistent sunglasses and waited until I got my bearings.
I thought about what it must feel like for a new believer or a believer in a backslidden state. It is hard to adjust to the light after being in darkness for so long. Our spiritual eyes need time adjust after being in the natural. I think many people fumble around in the darkness because of the lies Satan uses to thwart the Kingdom of God. The biggest trick in Satan’s arsenal is the power of suggestion! Think about it this way! Before he was kicked out, Satan was in heaven yet many people won’t see heaven because of what Satan shows them about God. The amazing part of this anecdote is this: We get used to being in the same atmosphere, being around the same friends, or wearing a certain style of clothing, but eventually change is going to come! I welcome God’s light! Will you? Change will always come and it will demand a choice. Choose the Light of the World!

I leave you with this question:

If God’s Light has CONVICTED you, are you CONVINCED now that He only CHASTISES His CHILDREN because He CARES for them?

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