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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Journal Entry 09 September 2010

Lord my heart is heavy right now and with good reason. Moments ago I learned that the wife of Marvin Sapp succumbed to her battle with colon cancer. Though I did not know her personally, I do know what it’s like to lose a loved one. Lord how many precious moments do we take for granted each day? Life truly is fleeting the way it dissipates like a fine mist. There’s no other recourse but to do what I’ve always done, pray. I find myself praying for strangers more and more. The people I meet are divine appointments that must be kept. Lord right now, I ask that you would meet the needs of every person who has asked me to pray for them right now. These requests include deliverance from fornication, homosexuality, lust, drug addiction, salvation, cancer, financial woes, reconciliation with families, adultery and so on. Lord you know the real story behind every name on my list. I appreciate so much Lord you trust me with your children. Last week I was spiritually drained after warring all night on behalf of a friend in need of prayer and I came through victoriously. This spiritual battle is ongoing and not at all for the faint-hearted, therefore I am not ashamed that there are three bibles before me as I sit in Border’s replenishing my soul. This morning I got a text from my daughter asking if I could pick her after school. I’m looking forward to it because how many moments do I really have?   My heart is also heavy because I’m grieved by the increasing racial intolerance in this country. There are people in this country doing so many wonderful things and yet it is still the bigots that are awarded face time. I’ve read in the Word how you’ll use foolish things to confound the wise. I look at my own children, even my twin nieces and I am so proud of their willingness and acceptance of others. I think anyone harboring hatred could learn a lot from watching children. Fear mongering is the worst bait to use but ignorance always seems to catch a fish looking for a worm. What’s going on in this world shows me that people would prefer to protest before they pray. Lord though I am not Muslim, I am vehemently opposed to the extremists who have proposed to burn the Quran this weekend. This detestable and vile act is nothing more than a publicity stunt to bail out a church facing financial ruin. There are extremists in every religion and I do hope all of us can one day accept this as fact. How many people are slapping your Holy, marvelous, powerful name on their ungodly crap that came from their own warped minds? Lord it’s distressing to watch people who claim to spread your inclusive message, harming people with divineness and racially charged bullet points. How can so many people who profess to love you misrepresent you with their actions, their words, and their deeds? Before I go, I wanted to express my gratitude for what you did for me yesterday. Angels are indeed everywhere and I came face to face with one named Karen. Her words brought so much comfort to me. What I liked especially was that this was a middle-aged Caucasian lady who I didn’t know from a can of paint, taking a moment to speak a word to me. My skin pigmentation didn’t hamper her obedience one iota. A stranger with familiar words, imagine that?
Amazed by Your Grace!

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