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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Writing Out Loud: And the Real Enemy Is...

Do you ever gasp when you catch yourself condemning people for the very things you too are guilty of? I was making my rounds on the Social Networking Circuit earlier when I happened to read a comment concerning the South Carolinian mother accused of murdering her two small children. Now when these types of stories hit the airwaves, I always try to glean from the commentary of my peers in cyberspace whether the world is progressing or regressing. I wasn’t too surprised to see very little compassion for this woman who obviously could have used some help. It should make us as citizens of one of the richest countries in the world wonder how so many people are overlooked until they’re the top story on the evening news. This “young” lady proceeded to sentence the mother of this heinous crime to hell and rather than helping the situation, she came off sounding completely self-righteous and God-like. In no way do I wish to convey that taking the lives of innocent children is admirable. I would like to say this! Maybe you didn’t suffocate your children and strap them helplessly in the backseat of a car, but maybe you’re having sexual relations with a person to whom you aren’t married. Are you guilty of a crime? According to God you are! What should your punishment be? Years ago when I was young, and I felt hopeless, I had an abortion. Whether it’s the abortion I had or sending your children to a watery grave is just semantics but essentially both acts describe murder! Are you going to look at me differently now? What do you think is there is a difference in what I did back in 1991 and this mother in 2010? The “young” lady today stated unequivocally that this mother should go to hell. Should I?  Maybe passing judgment is easier when the crimes involve children. Consider however, the crimes Satan constantly commits against ALL of God’s children? We casually lounge around on earth acting as if we’re not being affected as a whole. The enemy unleashes havoc upon our marriages, homes, families, children, and relationships and we don’t bat an eye, yet some celeb drives a car that isn’t fuel efficient, and we have the audacity to act like we’ve been seriously offended. All it usually takes is some elaborate spin by an ambitious news anchor, and we think we got all the facts needed to pass sentence on somebody else. Pay attention to all the times you’ve made these sweeping, generalized statements about other people and the bad things they’ve done. What have you done? What sin haven’t you come clean about? Are you dealing with something so heavy in your life that maybe you’re entertaining thoughts of a base and ungodly nature? Do you know what it’s like to feel disparaged, despair, destitute, or disenfranchised? These harrowing news stories should make us flee to the safety of our Heavenly Father. I’ll leave you with this, if God’s grace was good enough for you why isn’t it good enough for anybody else who’s fallen short? A lot of the times what we dislike in other people is usually the very thing we see in ourselves.

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