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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lord of The Breakthrough

...the Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like the burstingout of great waters..."(2 Samuel 5:20, AMP) TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria.

 God wants to give you a breakthrough-a sudden burst of His favor; anexplosion of His goodness. He wants to release His power in such a waythat it overwhelms you and drives out your enemies! Maybe you've been praying about a relationship for years, and suddenly,things get into place. That's a breakthrough. Or you were trying to geta certain job. They said there were no openings; but suddenly, they callyou back and you get the job. That's another breakthrough. Perhapsyou've struggled with an addiction for a long time, but then somethinghappens and it's not a struggle anymore. Those are all breakthroughs. No matter what you've been facing, no matter how impossible things look,know this: the God of the breakthrough wants to visit your house. Getready! Look for His favor and goodness. Remember, God rewards the peoplewho seek after Him. So keep expecting, keep believing because the God ofthe breakthrough is ready to overwhelm you with His goodness today! A PRAYER FOR TODAY Father in heaven, today I am expecting Your goodness. I am looking forYour favor. I'm trusting that You, the God of the breakthrough, areworking mightily on my behalf. Help me to live a life pleasing to You asI wait for Your hand to move mightily in my life. In Jesus' Name. Amen. It is God who arms us with strength and makes our way perfect.
Lord  Thank You for confirmation on my breakthroughat 5:20pm today

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