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Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing out Loud: Ironing Out The Wrinkles

You do know that God uses the foolish things to confound the wise right? Well it’s true! This may not mean much to you but the clearest nugget of proof of how God changed my life is the fact that I iron occasionally. Don’t get me wrong, my mother made us iron our clothes every single night in preparation for the next day, but sometime between puberty and the United States Navy, I developed a serious loathing for it. While I was ironing recently, I thought about how even God’s Word alleviates all the wrinkles in my life.  What about you? What are you using on your “wrinkles” ?  From time to time, I receive a lot of calls from people who solicit my advice on a variety of “issues”. Care to know what I’ve discovered? Generally when people ask for advice especially in matters where there is absolutely no doubt that what they’re doing is wrong, they really don’t want advice, what they seek is absolution or justification for their behavior. I don’t think I could make it any clearer, but God isn’t in the habit of blessing hot funky messes! It doesn’t matter how we try to “straighten” it out and make it “look” smooth ourselves. Seriously, line up the things you’re doing with the Word of God and see if your life doesn’t look like a pile of balled up laundry on the floor. Can you smell it? God isn’t pleased nor is He appeased with our sacrifices. He’d rather we’d simply obey His word.
So the next time someone wants to know
I just met this awesome guy BUT he’s married?
I need some extra cash, it’s okay to cheat on my taxes?
You are going to help support my growing “bootleg” business?
We love each other! What do you think about me “shacking” up with my “boo”?
I need extra pens for my Mary Kay consultants, so I just steal them from work?
Take a moment and look at Psalm 139! He knows everything, there’s no escaping God who even knows how much hair we have on our heads. My question is this? Will you have the courage, the unmitigated gall to say IT”S WRONG? Will you take the “iron” clad truth of God’s Word to help them “straighten” the wrinkles out? Most of us already know the difference between right and wrong. We feel like what God has asked us to do is just too darn hard and it will cramp our style. What if Jesus thought dying on a Cross would cramp His style? Unless you prefer walking around looking like a discombobulated paper bag, I suggest you allow God to “iron” out the wrinkles in your life. God accepts us the way we are, but He refuses to let us stay that way. We reflect His glory don’t you want to look your absolute best? Can you imagine how sharp you’re going to look from this point on all decked out (wrinkle–free of course) when you decide to clothe yourselves in His righteousness?

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