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Friday, March 5, 2010

Writing Out Loud: State of the World

Earthquakes, famine, wars, pestilence, murder utter desolation is taking place right here, right now in the world and we care more about whether Jane Doe asked for paper or plastic. I don’t understand how or why we care so much about the ozone layer when the condition of our hearts is the real problem. The next time you go outside take a careful look at God’s creation. Do you still marvel that God placed the sun, moon and the stars in the sky? Or are you now inclined with all this New Age nonsense to think man did it? I think it is amazing that we all stand under the same sky yet we don’t all share the same horizons. I firmly believe our actions follow what we truly believe. We pretend to care so deeply about the earth with our gigantic blue recycling bins. We place them at the curb every week and somehow were convinced we’ve done our part. We do what we do best, live three different lives simultaneously: public, private, and secret. We’re ready to kill people for wearing fur coats. We shop at Whole Foods thinking an organic label is absolution. With all the chaos taking place in the world right now it’s no wonder I’ve been glued to Luke 21. Sometimes I can feel my spirit grieving over the condition man has left this world in. I feel as if the very earth itself is weeping. Everything man put puts his hands on, he ruins. Why is that? Well I believe it is because man in all his arrogance really believes he is in control and not God. I challenge you to go outside and listen to the earth weeping. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Will you help heal it? Why don’t we stage more protests for peace not paper or plastic? Why don’t we use the airwaves to promote empathy not electric energy? Why don’t we strive for holiness not Whole Foods? It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out the biggest lobbyist against killing animals were eating a big juicy delicious hamburger right now. We’re hypocrites and we’re good at practicing what we preach against. I’ll leave you with my protest sign…

The air that you breathe God did that!

The sun that warms you on a hot summer day, God did that!

The moon you wish you could walk on, God did that!

The stars that you wish upon, God did that!

This world man forfeited to Satan, Man did that!

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  1. As long as we live on this earth whether we eat at Whole foods and organic this earth is polluted.I mean really I had organic poptarts the other day lol...good too.By the way April it's Girl Scout cookie time tagalongs.dosidoes,thin mints, samoas, yum yum,Too bad you have to order 7 boxes dadnabbitt !Ps my iam at BeeBibo.blogsspot or on my google pageis the correct url.Later Miss April


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