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Monday, February 8, 2010

Writing Out Loud:This Too Shall Pass

Today my prayers go out not just to the Jackson family but the entire world. So many people are dealing with loss, hurt, pain, sickness, poverty, and disease. My prayer this day is that God sends his heavenly host to encamp around all of YOU. I pray the peace that surpasses ALL understanding over you. God never promised us that trials wouldn't come but only that we could overcome them John 16:33. I keep having one recurring thought this too shall pass. Even when our circumstances seem unstable, God is able. I think if I could explain God, He wouldn’t seem much like one. I accept that He is God, He is sovereign. He does what He wants, when He wants and with whom He wants. None of us are exempt from storms but the hands of Jesus can still the waves. I may never know the answers to all life’s questions. I have learned through my relationship (not religion) with Jesus to trust that God knows what He is doing and He promises it will work out for my good. When trials come, I believe it allows God to see your faith firsthand. Life has an overreaching capacity to knock us to our knees but the awesome thing is, it is usually the best position in which to pray!
Michael’s legacy lives on through his music, not the circumstances surrounding his death, but this is only possible if we as fans decide this is how we choose to remember him.

p.s. Take the word GOOD, now remove one O! What are YOU left with, GOD….that’s right GOD!

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