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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey That's Not In My Bible

Disclaimer: This Thread in no way is meant to offend, take God’s Word out of context, nor are the examples literal
Anytime I need to take an inexpensive vacation, I open up a book. Books have an amazing power to expand our horizons, vocabularies and even our dreams. One of my favorite books of course is the Holy Bible. They vary in translation, but at last count I believe I had over 70. I got the idea for this blog actually while listening to my audio bible and I thought yeah, that’s just like God in that He uses the foolish things to confound the wise (like a Message Board to show us how incredibly cool He is). I thought of people in the bible and tried linking them characteristically to members of the Jackson family. I got my hair pinned on good this time and I can’t wait to see what YOU come up with.

p.s. You’re going not going to need a background in Theology but you might want to keep the language clean Jesus also listens in on these discussions

Joseph- Abraham Obviously a Patriarch, Father of many, left everything for a place unknown to him.

Katherine- Proverbs 31 Woman- you just have to read it!!!!

Rebbie- Mary of Bethany- because she chose to deviate from her work (entertainment) to sit at Jesus’ feet.

Jackie – Moses- only because He failed to delegate responsibility to others, which would’ve allowed him to accomplish more. He carried way too much on his shoulders that is until his Father-in-law gave him a stern talking too. Reuben- because as the eldest brother defended his younger brother Joseph. Pharaoh- because he tends to be just a little stubborn.

Tito –Zacchaeus was shorter in stature compared to everybody else but he climbed a sycamore tree and got Jesus’ attention.

Jermaine –Absalom maneuvered himself to usurp his father King David on the throne. Absalom was widely known believe it or not, for his hair and ultimately it was his gorgeous hair that led to his demise. King Saul-A very good looking very paranoid man and had a time taking responsibility for his disobedience. He was very unrepentant causing God to take the Kingship away from him. King Solomon- Very wise but because of his many relationships with those of the fairer sex, he was led astray from God.

Latoya- Tamar (Gen 38) was able to preserve her family by her astute ability to negotiate deals.

Marlon- Isaac avoided confrontations he seemed very caring and consistent. Isaac means laughter in the Holy Bible. Joshua- because he was always preparing to take the Israelites (family) to the next level.

Michael- Joseph was envied by his brothers and his prideful flaunting caused members of his family to sell him out. In the end he got out of the pit (earth) and ended up in the palace (heaven)

Randy-Simon Peter- the name means Rock, but I picked it only because he speaks his mind and often his Tweets seem frank and rather impulsive. Saul/Paul –because I truly believe Michael’s passing is his Damascus Road Experience.

Janet- Esther- Because she’s young, beautiful, and regal. She listened to the advice her family (Mordecai) gave her on her career plans

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