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Monday, January 11, 2010

Writing Out Loud:The Jack5ons: Lockdown

Seriously are you kidding me? This was supposed to be lockdown and none of the brothers stuck to the rules laid out at the beginning of their self imposed “seclusion”. Honestly I’ve seen more order at the Annual White Sale at J.C. Penny. There are way too many “chiefs” and not enough “indians” here. I know this is made for television but come on! Throughout this entire episode, I earnestly hoped Joseph Jackson would walk through the door with some guitar strings and commence to whipping some serious J5 butt! Maybe it’s time for the brothers to watch “This Is It” and glean from their late brother’s tireless work ethic. The funniest thing to me right now with the exception of Tito, was listening to a bunch of men with absolutely no bass in their voices try to argue…it was beyond hilarious!
Jermaine- “Pop Yo Collar” - In the past I’ve been very critical of Jermaine but in this episode as far as the musical side of things, I thought he was on point. Going forward, I think that anything done in Michael’s honor could be an individual or collaborative effort but it must be discussed by those directly involved with the family in order to protect Michael’s legacy. It wasn’t my Jermagination, Jermaine “redeemed” himself in this episode.
Tito “Take Me as I Am”- I thought Tito was going to “give em the business” tonight but if they don’t mind burning precious studio time and money, who am I to say anything? I was looking for Tito to be a bit more forceful and stern, especially in the studio. I think all the roles need to be clearly defined or else there is going to be continual anarchy.
Marlon “Makin Big Moves & Smiles”- I give it to Marlon for always looking to make a situation lighter with diplomacy and laughter, but even he slacked off tonight. Every week we hear about this mysterious “level” that the “Jacksons” operate at, well I’m not seeing it at all. I see a bunch of grown men who need a mediator just to eat gumbo!
Jackie “Sexy Sensitive”- For the second week Jackie disappointed me. OMG if this man isn’t a Taurus (just like me). As much as I love Jackie, wrong is wrong even when he does it. You can’t pick & choose when you’re going to lead. If you’re going to lead you must be in the process of “being” a leader before “doing”. At the onset of this “lockdown” the agenda, the vision, objectives, expectations and even allowances for the unexpected should’ve been made. The ongoing tension between Jackie and Jermaine needs to be solved at either an altar or the playground.

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