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Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing Out Loud:One Life to Live

What if your life insurance failed to pay your surviving loved ones death benefits because after careful examination they concluded that you had never lived? One wrong turn could change a life quicker than it takes to make instant coffee. Most would disagree that a traffic jam could be the safest place on earth. I don’t think any of us are ever truly aware of the enormous work angels do on our behalf. Yesterday as I was leaving my subdivision I was reminded of this. I was alert and had the right of way as I made my way to the traffic light. Out of nowhere a driver in a van decided to make a right turn just as I was passing. I honestly don’t think the other driver ever saw me coming but I’m thankful God did. I cannot lie I wasn’t always saved so giving the other driver my middle finger and shouting a litany of obscenities would’ve been my “normal” gut reaction. I sensed that my reaction to what could’ve been was a direct result of the inward change that takes place after one receives salvation. It’s an invisible inward change that usually manifests outward visibly. Yesterday that van was mere inches from driving my steering wheel into my chest and I never flinched. The only action I took was a tap on my horn to let them know I was there.
Yesterday was -11F the weather didn’t prevent God from sending me some heavenly help. That van didn’t crash into me not because of a tap on my horn it was because of the presence of heaven. I graciously let the other driver have the right of way. Isn’t if funny that when you’re the driver in the wrong how quickly you want to get away from the carnage you could’ve caused? The van quickly sped away but we ended up at the same light. At that light at least for a couple minutes we were probably glad things ended up as good as they had. This time I chose to go left and the other driver went right. It took a couple hours before the events of what could’ve been my last moments on earth sat in. I sat on my couch as tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t express my gratitude. I was just thankful, thankful that a loving God goes ahead of me and commands His heavenly host to protect me. Sometimes a near accident is all it takes to remind us not only of how precious life is but that I still have a lot of living to do.  I could dial 911 it’s usually not warranted because Jesus is already on the scene.

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  1. luv it sis! Amen God is so good to us!Wish I could be that good to myself:)


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