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Monday, January 4, 2010

Writing Out Loud: The Jack5ons: Come Together

I think it’s funny how you can watch a family that you’ve only known in a sense through the public eye and see glimpses of your own. I watch this show and see my own family. This family has had to share their most happiest and painful moments with the world. It’s impressive to see that much like my own family they share laughter, pain, divorce, egos, pain, distance, secrets, and even death. We should all strive to be “solid examples of human beings” with a strong emphasis placed on HUMAN.
Jermaine “Pop Yo Collar” – He is still growing on me. He’s still not as transparent as I would like. I still can’t help but feel he’s “acting more for acting’s sake” than being real. As real as you can be on a reality show Jermaine will do just fine. As close as they seem on screen, Jermaine is probably the most “emotionally disconnected” to me. Yeah he adorns himself in his “Rock Star” garb, he works the red carpet, and he’s color coordinated, but you can see he is truly a broken man. Maybe he needs to write a letter that’s never mailed and express what’s truly gnawing at him. I’m not fooled by his “character” there’s more to this man than sequins, and colorful scarves. His marital relationship seems a bit “artificially sweetened” and cold. He comes off as this larger than life icon ready to conquer the world, but his relationships with his wife and his brothers, lack that same luster. Jermaine’s marriage appears to be more of a mutual “business” arrangement than anything else. Where is the passion? Where is the romance? I don’t think I could stomach my husband telling me where I could put my lips. It makes me wonder who or what hurt him? His wife was right about one thing: He needs to let “yes” be a “yes” and ”no” be a “no.”
Marlon “Making Big Moves & Smiles” – Marlon appears to be the most level-headed, grounded, and well adjusted. He seems to be the most diplomatic and takes the feelings of others into account. To take on a task of this magnitude, all points of view from the other member’s will be crucial. The brother’s would do well to conduct themselves as entertainers and not only brothers at least on the key elements of this concert. I think Marlon’s stability stems from having had a long lasting relationship and it allows him to not be as selfish as the others. Marlon has probably long since reached the conclusion that there is no “I” in TEAM especially if you want long lasting results. His daughter’s pain over her divorce was gut wrenching. Marlon is a Godly man, he is a husband, a father, and he obviously put this above anything else.
Tito “Take Me as I Am” - I was all prepared to cry but I thought it would be Jackie opening up the floodgates. I support his decision not to see the movie (that had to have been hard). It goes to show that no matter what, we will never know what this has been like for this family to lose Michael as a brother and not a musical icon and they'll be judged no matter what they do or don't do. I never imagined that Tito would make me reach for my Kleenex. I understand though. Tito like Jermaine looks happy but there doesn’t seem to be any real joy. As I watched him and his “lady friend”, I wondered if he’s chosen to settle with what’s easiest or comfortable so he doesn’t have to deal with being REAL. There’s no real commitment here as far as I could tell, so he could detach himself at any time. I’d rather be alone than be unhappy, but that’s just me!

Jackie “Sexy Sensitive”- I love Jackie! I love Jackie! I love Jackie! This man is so freaking hot, I can barely contain myself. Although I liked the track, I thought his decision to hire a producer without consulting the others was a bit premature. I don’t see though how having multiple producers on this project could be a bad idea. I hope they consider that. I see that birth order really does play a role in how we as siblings relate to one another. Honestly though, I would think Marlon was the oldest. With the exception of Marlon, the rest of the brother’s need help inward. There is more than enough hurt to go around and I don’t think a lot of it is related directly to the passing of Michael. For some people, maybe an image is all they think they can be until they learn how to live their lives.

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