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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after Christmas

I checked my email this morning. More than a few of my close friends and acquaintances are dealing with painful losses. Some have lost their jobs, family members, homes, some have even lost hope. I think the holidays mean different things to different people. I think our ability to handle any “news” is in direct correlation to where we are in our individual lives. Have you ever considered how incredibly strong you really are on the inside? Christmas is over but life continues even with death, job loss, and hopelessness permeating the atmosphere all around us. It may not look like it today but we’re strongest in our darkest moments. There is an inward resilience that allows us to handle bad news. Somebody marveled at how you were able to smile yesterday despite what you’re facing today. Look up today because if you don’t you won’t be able to see where you’re headed. God is so proud of you and I am too. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t get anything I asked Santa for. In hindsight I recognize Santa lacks the supernatural ability to deliver what I need. What we need the most can’t be delivered once a year. God who is more than capable of doing the unthinkable did deliver. For years I’ve prayed and asked God to move in certain areas in my life. As time marched on with no clear manifestation, I placed them on God’s spiritual backburner. Yesterday I got another sneak peek at how God knows what we need and when we need it. The gifts I received yesterday were just what I needed. There’s no time limit on them and I want be penalized if I hold onto them. I fully intend to hold onto yesterday for as long as I possibly can. Yesterday I saw answered prayer at its very best. When you’re least likely to remember you asked for it that’s the very moment answered prayer happens. God hears our prayers and He answers them according to His perfect plan not ours. It’s the day after Christmas! How do you feel? Was yesterday everything you expected? Did you get the 60” Plasma you asked for? Did Uncle Joe behave? Did anybody even offer to help with the dishes? I hope you had an awesome time with family and friends. I hope you were overwhelmed by love in spite of any news you may have to attend to now that Christmas is past and life goes on.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Acts of Kindness

I like to think I’m approachable, amiable, and agreeable at least to the point where if help is needed I’m able to oblige. What is it about each of us that attract people to us? Maybe it’s a smile, confidence, individuality, or maybe it’s our spirit. I thought about this yesterday after someone asked me for help.
I had only been in my favorite internet café minutes when an elderly gentleman approached me for assistance. I couldn’t fathom how I could help him yet I followed. He led me to a table where his wife sat. In front of her was a brand new laptop. They asked me if I could show them how to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. It was a simple request and something I obviously was more than qualified to do. Do you ever wonder at times why certain people approach you or why they don’t? Out of everybody in that café yesterday, they required my help, even passing several people already surfing the web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Do you ever wonder what signals you send to others when you think nobody’s watching? I wish I’d captured the moment they were connected to the internet with a photo. It was like I introduced them into a whole new world, like watching a baby take their first steps. These kinds of moments help me remember there are kind and decent people in the world. They don’t stand out because they aren’t kind to be seen or receive accolades from men. I generally think people are kind to others because someone was kind to them. We chatted as I showed them the intricacies of their new laptop. I told them about some of the things I’d been faced with this year. I admitted to them that though they asked me for help, they really helped me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To me it wasn’t a huge deal for them it was a great accomplishment. They rewarded me with a warm brownie and hot chocolate. I make no bones about the past couple months being trying for me. It hasn’t been easy sitting on the bench when I know I’m a starter. They were such a sweet and endearing couple. I really wondered if I had been entertaining angels. I believe I come in contact with angels all the time heavenly and human. Their kindness not mine, reminded me that all is still well and alright despite what’s going on around me.  It costs nothing to be kind and the rewards have eternal consequences. Insist on taking time to show kindness not because you hope to gain something from it but perhaps someone else will.

Writing Out Loud: The Jacksons A Family Dynasty

I absolutely loved tonight’s 12/20/2009 episode. I seriously don’t think that 5 more episodes will be enough. I mean this is 40 years we’re talking about here. I hope a second season is in the works. I am 38 years old and I am drooling over these men. Every member of this family was gifted with some extraordinary way to touch the world. Medicare doesn’t seem all that bad if the men are this HOT!!!
Jermaine - He is growing on me with each episode. He is a star and I get the sense he's in character more so than the others. He knows what the public wants and expects and he brings it you can't knock a person for that. I do like that he dares to be an individual in a time where everybody else seems so “cookie cutter.” It gives me great hope that I can still be fly when I reach 50 Jermaine “Pop Yo Collar Boy” boy!

Tito- “Take Me as I Am” OMG Tito is an amazing musician. I think it’s wonderful he’s found his own niche minus Michael and Janet. There has to be a real freedom in basking in your own spotlight. He like the rest of the brothers, deserve their own success. I like to think maybe this is Michael’s gift to them, a chance to shine on their own. Tito’s humor is uncanny. It reminds me of myself “Straight NO chaser!

Marlon- “Making Big Moves and Smiles”- I’m so glad I don’t depend on the tabloid press for my information. Never let people who write for a living shape your opinion of others. Marlon has vision outside of his immediate celeb status. Though he is funny, He makes big statements by what he is amused by. 80% of the statements we all make are really questions. What I appreciated most about Marlon was his acknowledgement of God as his source. Michael wasn’t responsible for bringing this family thus far. God did it!

Jackie- “Sexy Sensitive”- Lawd hav mercy I just want to lather this man in love.  His heart, no his spirit is completely broken. I know that kind of hurt. It’s the kind where your pillow is a reservoir for your tears. Each day you try to pick yourself up and go with the flow but it's hard to hide what's keeping you stagnate. When Jackie cries, I cry. The 20 year age gap matters not one iota to me. I would love him back to life. I wish I could be the shoulder he could lean on. There is nothing wrong with crying, tears, clean our souls. Jackie if you’re reading this, the best sleeping pill comes from the peace of God. The next hand you hold may just be the one to lift you up, Jackie here's my hand!