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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Journal Entry 14 November 2009

Today I sat amongst an amazing group of women. As I looked at each one of these anointed beautiful ladies, I saw a reflection of not only you but also myself. It’s wonderful Lord how you can bring women together from various walks of life and still manage to speak ONE word that fits all. I thank YOU Lord that YOU are enabling me by the power of the Holy Spirit to see EVERYBODY the way YOU do. Lord the way YOU see me. I anticipate seeing and displaying MORE transparency as I cultivate new relationships with people you’ve set in my path. I humbly admit I’m a novice when it comes to healthy relationships such as the one YOU and I share, but I will forge ahead because I can’t walk out my salvation alone. I need the help of other BELIEVERS. I need to SEE & HEAR their accounts of how great thou art. Lord what an unbelievable day! What you showed me in just the first few hours of this day was yet another unmistakable gesture of the love YOU feel for all mankind. Nothing, absolutely nothing escapes you. Nothing catches you off guard. There isn’t anything taking place at any time that YOU aren’t aware of. It doesn’t take psychics, tarot cards, astral projection, séances, horoscopes, lucky charms, pentagrams, or spells. It takes only faith to know and to believe that a family is reconciled, the money is deposited, the cancer is healed, and that YOU did it. The more YOU show me who YOU really are, the more others will be able to see YOU in me. You seem to have this domino effect on anybody that comes in contact with you for any length of time.
Remember last Sunday I saw the sun? I saw the sun shine on me as if I were on stage under an impressive spotlight. I got MY answer Lord! All is well Lord and just like YOU promised, everything is already worked out for my good. In a few short days YOU gave me the strength to ride the waves of another storm. Since I know the enemy can’t do anything without your permission, I know this was a God ordained storm. The gale force winds didn’t blow me down this time. I didn’t dissolve in emotional quicksand. I spoke THE WORD! Basically I just reminded YOU of what YOU promised me in your Holy Word. If I give YOU complete control everything with which the enemy means to harm me shall be turned around for YOUR good. Today I had another spontaneous combustion of deliverance followed by copious amounts of praise. I spoke the day I EXPECTED into existence didn’t I? I said today was bright with a high chance of praise. TODAY is the TOMORROW I talked about YESTERDAY! The more I exchange your yoke for my own, the better I feel and my posture just seems to improve. Lord today was a great day indeed and I EXPECT the same tomorrow.  I still need to get my church clothes out, shower, and wash my hair, but I just wanted to drop YOU a few lines. I accept that I’ll never be able to write enough to adequately describe how you’ve changed my life, but I figure just like the Holy Bible, my journal is certifiable evidence YOU did do everything YOU said! I love YOU Daddy! I love my big brother JESUS, and I love the HOLY SPIRIT my best friend.
Amazed by your grace!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journal Entry 11 November 2009

Lord thank you for another peaceful day. Today is Veteran’s Day! I remember the sacrifices of all those who served and are serving in our Armed Forces! I say THANK YOU! I called my best friend today and boy we reminisced, the phone call that fateful night that changed my life forever, and all the friends who lost their lives in sacrifice to this country. We talked about our time spent stationed in North Carolina and how we were so reckless. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a load of crap unawareness of a invisible enemy is! Lord you loved me even then and I didn’t have a clue. It was YOU I was rummaging around for the entire time. Many times you tirelessly guided me to do this, go there, or simply STOP! You’ve always been right here. All those mistakes I’ve made in my life were not in vain. You are going to use them to facilitate the deliverance for someone else. WOW the term “mess to miracle” takes on a whole new meaning! Lately all I’ve been doing is confessing sin, repenting sin, and receiving forgiveness for sin. Daddy I got to tell you, this whole refining process is a real mutha for ya! I get it though you are removing all the impurities so I can really come through as pure gold. Again one has to appreciate the patience and competence of the enemy. He waits and waits and BAM strikes with a “remixed” version of the SAME attack. There are days Lord when the attacks are so frequent I feel like I’m in a batting cage. The Word works and I’ve been working it like a 9 to 5! I’ve been using the Word like an instant stain remover. I’m at a crucial point in my walk and I can’t allow my spirit to get dirty by anything contrary to what you’ve said. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I’m still just so appreciative that I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t feel like I’m bothering you. Do you see what being human has done to my psyche? I’ve felt like I’ve bothered you because that is how I’ve been conditioned. I’ve tried to “go it” alone. Now that I’ve given you complete access, I want to rid my shoulders of the extra weight. I’m tired Lord, just so tired. My shoulders hurt because I’ve tried to carry too much, things I was never supposed too. I want YOU to take care of me now! I want to go to sleep knowing I don’t have to worry about bills, aging, car repairs, having enough to eat….the list could go on. I want to REST it’s a declaration as well as an appeal! I’ve wanted to tell YOU this for some time that I’m not used to someone willfully keeping their word where I’m concerned. You are letting me “get used” to your omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience.

It’s comforting how you take your time with me.  Last night at bible study YOU confirmed again that you HEAR me. The message was substantive and filling. I took 8 pages of notes. As I recopy them it’s like a soothing compress over a gaping wound. I’m HOPING for so many thingsLord!  The man of God was right on, the time between the “promise” and the “manifestation” is usually the time we faint. The first time I knew that I’d heard your voice. I wrote down the time and every word you said BUT I’ve been guilty of trying to remind YOU of what YOU told me. I bet you really get a kick out of the audacity of my humanity.  I even thought I should help you out because I thought YOU were taking entirely TOO long. Lord please forgive me, this was before I was taught you don’t exist in time chronologically. I’ve been careful now to ask only for my “daily” bread. It’s fair since you’re a RIGHT NOW GOD! Since you seem to enjoy being at the wheel, I’m going to sleep while we ride my life out together. Lord did you notice that when I got that “news” last Saturday, I didn’t panic? I knew immediately who “it” was from. I instantly gave “IT” to you and started speaking what you’ve hidden in me, the WORD. I saw the sun the very next day and I felt in that moment, that you were hugging me and letting me know the answer was forthcoming. Until the manifestation, I’ll do what I’ve been doing reading the bible again and again from cover to cover. I’ve already made it back to Psalms 74! I know that I am right on the verge of GREATNESS. I remain STEADFAST!
Amazed by your grace!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Killed Anyone "Randomly" Lately?

It’s a somber occasion and YOU’RE INVITED! Did you get your invitation? Surely by now you’ve heard that John Allen Muhammad, one of the DC Sniper’s will be executed tonight at 9pm EST. I checked my calendar and it just so happens I will be attending Bible Study tonight. I have lifted up so many prayers today not just for the “good” people but also for the “bad.” All the “random” victims who won’t make the news today, I said prayers for them. I remember the confusion and fear that gripped the Virginia, DC/Metropolitan area back in 2002. The killings appeared so random in nature, just no rhyme or reason. Only a few months earlier I’d been living in that area. If I’d stayed could I have been another “random” victim? Most people have a definitive answer to whether or not they support capital punishment. I don’t! I don’t believe that I have the right to take the life of another human being and label it justice to suit my emotions or grief. However long it takes until John Allen Muhammad breathes his last, there will be no winners today. How can there be a party if everybody is dead?
Have you ever thought about all the “random” people we kill daily? I don’t mean in the physical sense with a .45 caliber weapon or a hunting knife. So what about it, have you killed anyone lately? I have, many times I have “randomly” killed others with my hatred, indifference, xenophobia, deceitfulness, condemnation, inaction, prejudice, innuendo, gossip, judgment, rebellion, abhorrence, pity, and blame. I’ve lethally injected my venom into the spirits of countless people. What should my punishment be? Should I be killed? I’ve taken many lives rendering many “random” people spiritually lifeless. So many bad things that seem “random” are happening. I can’t keep up with the violent slayings, kidnappings, rapes, or burglaries, anymore. I doubt law enforcement could even give an accurate account either. I will have to give an account though when I stand before My Father in Heaven. Justice says~ someone kills, then we kill them, and it’s all to teach us not to kill. If capital punishment was meant to deter us from crime, it has seriously failed in its efforts. I am eligible to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, but could the “random” way I’ve treated others prevent it? To all my “random” victims I ASK for your earthly forgiveness. To My Heavenly Father, thank you for GRANTING me eternal clemency.