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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Journal Entry 27 September 2009

Lord I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to laugh at the enemy. Even though he is my sworn adversary, I have to admire his subtlety and his craftiness. I’ve learned that you must have a spirit of expectancy when attending worship services, without it you will be like a car without gas. I pride myself on punctuality. I don’t know what happened but I was exhausted this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5a.m. When I finally awoke, it was 7 a.m. I didn’t panic even though church was to start at 7:30am. I don’t know how YOU pulled it off, it just felt like you stopped time or something. I was able to shower, dress, and apply my make-up in about 35 minutes. I looked absolutely gorgeous as if I spent hours getting ready. This is noteworthy why? Because yesterday I told YOU I expected an awesome word from you. You are never one to disappoint because an awesome word is just what I got. Lord I just want to thank YOU because I could have easily just stayed in bed but I pressed my way to church and received a phenomenal word. This may seem like a miniscule event to someone else, but they don’t know what I have had to go through this past week. I just want to take this time Lord to tell you that I sincerely appreciate all the wonderful things that you do for me. When I think back over this past month, all I can say Lord is that YOU have been good to me. The favor that is resting upon my life is amazing. I have seen how my faith has opened doors. I have seen you overrule what the doctors said and healed me. I have seen you deposit money into my bank account right in the nick of time. Yes I do have to laugh because I live in a world where everybody thinks luck is responsible for the good in their lives, but I know better. I know YOU are responsible! Lord when people who knew me when look at me now surely they know that YOU did it!
Amazed by Your grace!