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Friday, September 11, 2009

Journal Entry 10 September 2009

There are days when I have the intestinal fortitude to keep my television turned off. This doesn’t prevent news whether good or bad from reaching me. Technology being what it is is how I discovered a very sad moment in history that took place last night. Lord I am overly concerned at the unconcealed disrespect being shown to our President, by anyone who dares. There used to be a time when this just wasn’t done! The office and title alone rendered some measure of respect. Since President Obama’s taken office the efforts at civility between most Americans however different have been overshadowed by radical home-grown extremists. This lack of tact just to make the next news cycle is pungent don’t you smell it? It’s so sad because Americans are so jaded and arrogant into thinking we and we alone are worthy of everyone’s respect. It’s no wonder many Nations despise us, look at us! Look at how we treat each other and for all the world to see.
Are people really so full of hate? I shudder to think about the extremists who have yet to have their “15 “ minutes of fame but are discreetly plotting discord. We all look bad simply because of a few and I believe it’s really only a few. I will continue to pray that our elected officials gain Godly wisdom and discernment to make the best decisions for this wounded country. What will this dream entail? Another 9/11? Funny tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 when many will reflect on a horrific time in our history only to go back to the embarrassing infighting on 9/12! Lord helps us all. I still believe that until arrogant, prideful, sinful man puts YOU back into the equation no problem big or small can be solved!
Amazed by Your grace!