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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I R S (It's Really Stealing)!

Cars and electronic devices are sure fire ways to distinguish whom the Internal Revenue Service has indeed shown the money. One of my neighbors just pulled up in a Dodge Charger. Various makes and models of new cars lining the street signal the arrival of that long awaited income tax refund? What used to take weeks now only takes a matter of days. The money is spent before it even posts to our checking accounts. Most people have no qualms about filing fraudulent tax returns justifying their actions with a sincere belief the government defrauded them and this money is now owed to them. You don’t have to tell me, but how much have you bilked the government out of over the years? Do you wonder if the money you’ve stolen could’ve put more policemen on our streets, eradicated poverty or AIDS? We’re relentless when it comes to hurling stones at celebrities or politicians when they fail to be anything less than truthful when it comes to taxes yet we are guilty of the very same thing. The difference between white collar crimes and blue collar crimes is only semantics, (It’s Really Stealing)!
I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit as the internal mechanism warning each of constantly us of right and wrong. Whenever I filed an erroneous tax return something deep inside never let me truly reap the fruits of my duplicitous labor. To make it plain, God will not bless our mess, no matter how hard we try to solidify our problematic reasoning. Remorse gnawed at my conscience with every purchase I made. One has to be cognizant of the consequences good or bad resulting from choices we make for ourselves. When the temptation to sin arises, it will never explain in full detail the desired outcome, which is to prolong your stay outside of the will of God. There is no hierarchal chart. So whether it’s taking a pen from work, putting wooden nickels in a toll booth, or filing a falsified tax return, (It’s Really Stealing)!
What did you do to obtain your huge tax refund this year? The thousands of dollars you schemed to get did God get any of it? We approach Jesus the same way we do on a fabricated tax return, illegally. We claim Him seeking only the benefits to hoard in our greedy little hands. We file all kinds of false claims regarding Jesus. We claim we love Him, we claim we live for Him, and we even claim to be submissive to His will. We claim He resides in and with us yet our deeds and actions clearly say otherwise. Isn’t it funny that God asks so little of us and we still insist on giving Him less than what He asked for? ( It’s Really Stealing)!
April 15th will arrive again in no time at all. Instead of plotting to reap the benefits of stolen cash plan to bear your own cross knowing that He will supply all your needs. Should you attain monetary gain by any means other than what is legally prescribed, remember the I R S (It’s Really Stealing)!