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Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Not Stealing ...Check My Source

After I post a blog, I always do it with the understanding that maybe I’ve written one thing that helps or inspires somebody else. This whole blogging thing, I guess it’s hit or miss. I’m not a celebrity or a guru so maybe this accounts for why most of my blogs go unnoticed. I’m always curious though that if tomorrow I became famous would my past blogs matter because I’m famous or because I actually had something worthwhile to say? I suppose all writers take their words seriously. Wide ruled notebook paper and assorted pens have been unceasing in lending me support when no one else dared. It was always my pen and pad that welcomed my deepest thoughts when I assumed God was even too busy to bother with the likes of me.
A clever way with words my Grandmother tells me this is my gift. How many people still find the dictionary a thrilling read? Being a nerd with a pretty older sister had its privileges. I was practically a rock star but with an unlimited vocabulary. So I was never as hurt when my 9th grade English teacher accused me of plagiarism. In 9th grade I wore a size 7 and gravity and hadn’t yet relocated my cleavage a relationship with the members of New Edition didn’t seem at all impossible. I had no idea who Irma Bombeck was at the time, but I was deeply wounded by the possibility she should cause me to receive a failing grade on a paper I knew I wrote. With only the truth as my compass I told my mother, who like a public defender tried my case and cleared my good name. The damage caused by the allegation was alleviated by the “A” circled in red. I found out that Irma Bombeck was an amazingly humorous writer. I was elated to discover she was who I was alleged to have stolen from. It also saddened me to think again only the paper I wrote on truly understood the words I wrote even at 14.
I sometimes wonder if that’s how God feels when he doesn’t receive the credit for all His work. When was the last time you gave Him credit for waking you up because believe me, it was not your alarm clock? I think now if I never again get the urge to give God credit for what He has done, it’s plagiarism. When we don’t give God His deserved praise for every single day, every miracle, every blessing, every trial, everything He did, does, and will do, it is stealing! Lord this blog in a weird way is my works cited page with YOU listed as my single source! Thank You!