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Monday, December 21, 2009

Writing Out Loud: The Jacksons A Family Dynasty

I absolutely loved tonight’s 12/20/2009 episode. I seriously don’t think that 5 more episodes will be enough. I mean this is 40 years we’re talking about here. I hope a second season is in the works. I am 38 years old and I am drooling over these men. Every member of this family was gifted with some extraordinary way to touch the world. Medicare doesn’t seem all that bad if the men are this HOT!!!
Jermaine - He is growing on me with each episode. He is a star and I get the sense he's in character more so than the others. He knows what the public wants and expects and he brings it you can't knock a person for that. I do like that he dares to be an individual in a time where everybody else seems so “cookie cutter.” It gives me great hope that I can still be fly when I reach 50 Jermaine “Pop Yo Collar Boy” boy!

Tito- “Take Me as I Am” OMG Tito is an amazing musician. I think it’s wonderful he’s found his own niche minus Michael and Janet. There has to be a real freedom in basking in your own spotlight. He like the rest of the brothers, deserve their own success. I like to think maybe this is Michael’s gift to them, a chance to shine on their own. Tito’s humor is uncanny. It reminds me of myself “Straight NO chaser!

Marlon- “Making Big Moves and Smiles”- I’m so glad I don’t depend on the tabloid press for my information. Never let people who write for a living shape your opinion of others. Marlon has vision outside of his immediate celeb status. Though he is funny, He makes big statements by what he is amused by. 80% of the statements we all make are really questions. What I appreciated most about Marlon was his acknowledgement of God as his source. Michael wasn’t responsible for bringing this family thus far. God did it!

Jackie- “Sexy Sensitive”- Lawd hav mercy I just want to lather this man in love.  His heart, no his spirit is completely broken. I know that kind of hurt. It’s the kind where your pillow is a reservoir for your tears. Each day you try to pick yourself up and go with the flow but it's hard to hide what's keeping you stagnate. When Jackie cries, I cry. The 20 year age gap matters not one iota to me. I would love him back to life. I wish I could be the shoulder he could lean on. There is nothing wrong with crying, tears, clean our souls. Jackie if you’re reading this, the best sleeping pill comes from the peace of God. The next hand you hold may just be the one to lift you up, Jackie here's my hand!

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