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Monday, December 21, 2009

Acts of Kindness

I like to think I’m approachable, amiable, and agreeable at least to the point where if help is needed I’m able to oblige. What is it about each of us that attract people to us? Maybe it’s a smile, confidence, individuality, or maybe it’s our spirit. I thought about this yesterday after someone asked me for help.
I had only been in my favorite internet café minutes when an elderly gentleman approached me for assistance. I couldn’t fathom how I could help him yet I followed. He led me to a table where his wife sat. In front of her was a brand new laptop. They asked me if I could show them how to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. It was a simple request and something I obviously was more than qualified to do. Do you ever wonder at times why certain people approach you or why they don’t? Out of everybody in that café yesterday, they required my help, even passing several people already surfing the web. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Do you ever wonder what signals you send to others when you think nobody’s watching? I wish I’d captured the moment they were connected to the internet with a photo. It was like I introduced them into a whole new world, like watching a baby take their first steps. These kinds of moments help me remember there are kind and decent people in the world. They don’t stand out because they aren’t kind to be seen or receive accolades from men. I generally think people are kind to others because someone was kind to them. We chatted as I showed them the intricacies of their new laptop. I told them about some of the things I’d been faced with this year. I admitted to them that though they asked me for help, they really helped me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To me it wasn’t a huge deal for them it was a great accomplishment. They rewarded me with a warm brownie and hot chocolate. I make no bones about the past couple months being trying for me. It hasn’t been easy sitting on the bench when I know I’m a starter. They were such a sweet and endearing couple. I really wondered if I had been entertaining angels. I believe I come in contact with angels all the time heavenly and human. Their kindness not mine, reminded me that all is still well and alright despite what’s going on around me.  It costs nothing to be kind and the rewards have eternal consequences. Insist on taking time to show kindness not because you hope to gain something from it but perhaps someone else will.

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