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Friday, November 6, 2009

Writing Out Loud 05 November 2009

People often pop into my mind and I am never sure why. Yesterday a lady I hadn’t seen at church in awhile was put on my heart. I don’t know why but I sent her a little message just to make sure she was alright. We all want to believe that our lives are so busy and complicated that not even a few seconds can be spared except on ourselves. We walk around with our hands free devices and laptops looking like we got it “going on.” Yet there are people right under our noses who are love starved for somebody, anybody to just give a damn. You see them all the time they roam the corridors of your schools, office buildings, soccer fields, churches, and malls. We with our self absorbed selves are so important we pass them by because we’re so engrossed in our own self importance. That person that bumped into you didn’t mean anything by it. I would even venture to say that some people bump into us just so they can feel human contact. I am not shocked by the events of yesterday or the past week for that matter. I am saddened. The world isn’t the same hasn’t been since Genesis 3. The real back story here is that according to the Word of God more horrible things are to come.
I always find it strange that after a tragedy strikes everybody seems so interested in sporadic sound bytes of a person’s life. Why don’t we care more about victims and victimizer’s before people lose their lives? We throw mud on each other our entire lives and as soon as tragedy strikes we throw roses. By no means do I advocate the taking of another person life, I just know there is more to the story than what we’re told by ambitious reporters looking to score ratings. I can see it now, reporters scrambling to dig up every unpaid parking ticket or unreturned library book. People care more about the headlines than the real story behind them. Nobody cared about this man before 1329 yesterday. Sad isn’t it? I bet he displayed all the “classic” signs that something was amiss. I wonder how many people he “bumped” into. To add to this tragedy is the fact that this person responsible has a distinctive foreign name. Will he be a monster simply because of what he did or because his name isn’t John Smith and he did something horrible? We’d all be better served if we paid more attention to others rather than our jobs, cars, and houses. I know, I know you don’t care because none of this happened to you right? Wrong answer! The next time someone “bumps” into you what will you do?


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