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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Killed Anyone "Randomly" Lately?

It’s a somber occasion and YOU’RE INVITED! Did you get your invitation? Surely by now you’ve heard that John Allen Muhammad, one of the DC Sniper’s will be executed tonight at 9pm EST. I checked my calendar and it just so happens I will be attending Bible Study tonight. I have lifted up so many prayers today not just for the “good” people but also for the “bad.” All the “random” victims who won’t make the news today, I said prayers for them. I remember the confusion and fear that gripped the Virginia, DC/Metropolitan area back in 2002. The killings appeared so random in nature, just no rhyme or reason. Only a few months earlier I’d been living in that area. If I’d stayed could I have been another “random” victim? Most people have a definitive answer to whether or not they support capital punishment. I don’t! I don’t believe that I have the right to take the life of another human being and label it justice to suit my emotions or grief. However long it takes until John Allen Muhammad breathes his last, there will be no winners today. How can there be a party if everybody is dead?
Have you ever thought about all the “random” people we kill daily? I don’t mean in the physical sense with a .45 caliber weapon or a hunting knife. So what about it, have you killed anyone lately? I have, many times I have “randomly” killed others with my hatred, indifference, xenophobia, deceitfulness, condemnation, inaction, prejudice, innuendo, gossip, judgment, rebellion, abhorrence, pity, and blame. I’ve lethally injected my venom into the spirits of countless people. What should my punishment be? Should I be killed? I’ve taken many lives rendering many “random” people spiritually lifeless. So many bad things that seem “random” are happening. I can’t keep up with the violent slayings, kidnappings, rapes, or burglaries, anymore. I doubt law enforcement could even give an accurate account either. I will have to give an account though when I stand before My Father in Heaven. Justice says~ someone kills, then we kill them, and it’s all to teach us not to kill. If capital punishment was meant to deter us from crime, it has seriously failed in its efforts. I am eligible to be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, but could the “random” way I’ve treated others prevent it? To all my “random” victims I ASK for your earthly forgiveness. To My Heavenly Father, thank you for GRANTING me eternal clemency.

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