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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love's In Need Today!

Issues of race will continue to divide this country until we speak of our experiences openly. I think for most of my life I’ve talked myself out of entering into romantic entanglements with men from different races than my own. I believe this wayward thinking of mine started back in my childhood in Louisiana. When I served in the military I was asked out on many occasions by men from all shades of the racial rainbow. I accepted an invitation to the movies with a Caucasian male many years ago. He was one the sweetest men I’d ever met, but the glares we received were unbearable. I came away from the experience thinking that maybe it would just be easier if I stayed within my own race rather than complicate matters further. I believed “playing it safe” was the better solution for all involved. I was wrong!
I wonder now at how I possibly have contributed to the racial divide in this country because I chose to take the easiest safest route, that is to say opt of dating someone different just to afford me and the bigots a little tranquility. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the most chaming man in a  really long time. He is attractive, educated, gets my brand of  sarcastic humor and most of all he loves the Lord.  He is NOT African-American! What would the rest of the world have to say I wonder given the current racial climate?  I believe now that choosing not to date someone because they are different helps to keep racial divisiveness alive.   I’m not at all sure of what meeting this person means for my life.  If he ever asked me out I'd be more inclined now to say "YES".  I wish to break the racial stronghold that has been imposed on me through fear right now. I give myself freedom to freely love whomever I want.

If our voices remain inaudible, the silence echoes louder than any bigot’s jeers and taunts ever could. I hereby decree that I am free to LOVE and you are too!

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