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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Postcard From The Edge!

She’s sending the world a postcard from the edge
Dressed in all black a carbon copy of the Feds
An angelic S.W.A.T. team couldn’t talk her down from this ledge
Married to darkness screw you “I thee wed’
Lithium can’t suppress the ghoulish voices in her head
Train tracks all over her arms she shoots up in her leg
The hollow place in her soul is a tangled nest
The enemy of her soul is driving a wedge
Anti-depressants are all she’s fed
Piercing the darkness her defenses have been shed
Living sure feels like hell, but she’s certain she’s not dead
Affairs are in order courtesy of her lawyer Ted
Selling her worldly possessions on a list named “Craig”
Bereavement placed on a shoestring budget thanks to Mr. Ed
Curtains remained closed its sunshine she dreads
Weeks will pass before she can get out of bed
This is what happens when she is off her meds
One final journal entry she hopes it’s read
But encamped all around her, a spiritual hedge
Divorcing her demonic tormentors will give her rest
Satan and his cohorts have failed this test
With a child of the Almighty God do not mess
She speaks life into a dead situation enough said!
Death comes for us all on that you can bet
Estranged from darkness now darkness is her ex
God wants her to live, maybe God knows best
She was spiraling out of control but up she gets
Strapping on her armor like a well designed vest
The marvelous light the new friend she’s met
That postcard from the edge hasn’t been delivered yet

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